Slow performance gigabit network

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Lordaeron, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. Lordaeron

    Lordaeron Guest

    I have been testing Gigabit Ethernet performance on
    Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP SP1 and I was really
    disappointed about the performance on Win2003.
    The adapters used are Intel Pro/1000 MT and CT (onboard).

    Using NetIO as benchmark program next to file transfers
    the results were very low. NetIO never gave me more than
    around 24.000k while performing the same test using 2
    WinXP PC's gave me around 100.000k.
    Task Manager shows me the same reports. W2K3 to WXP or
    vice versa transfers never came above 25% but that was
    already exceptional since most of the time it was between
    8 and 18% in Task Manager.
    WXP to WXP gave me better results but never higher than

    This really suprised me. I know that W2K had issues with
    slow networking performance but with 100Mbit networkcards
    I was really impressed by W2K3 since it showed met 98%
    performance in Task Manager with NetIO and I even reached
    that with file transfers.

    Is the slow Gigabit performance a bug in W2K3 (and
    perhaps even in WXP)?
    Anyone got a solution to this?
    Lordaeron, Jan 28, 2004
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  2. There is a nasty file copy/delete bug right now in Win 23k Server + Windows
    XP. Basically if you're browsing a folder on a server and do a delete or
    copy to that folder, networking will be pathetically slow.

    Also, if you use short cuts in your my network places on Windows XP + SP1 +
    Patches that point to a Win 2k3 server you'll notice that after about the
    second directory down that it takes over 5 minutes to display.

    None of this happens with Win 2k clients.

    None of this happens with Win XP clients on a Win 2k server.

    Insidently, I believe this is related to the horrible slowness of opening
    the All Programs item in the start menu on a fully patched Win XP SP1
    machine.... (doesn't have anything to do with the copy/delete bug, but the
    other one yes, because it happened with the same set of patches that busted
    the shortcuts and start menu)

    James Hancock
    James Hancock, Jan 28, 2004
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  3. Lordaeron

    Patrik Bolt Guest


    Did you find any solution? I have the same problem with the same NIC's (
    intel 1000 MT / Desktop ). We are using different Proliant Servers which are
    running with Win2k and Win2003 Server operating systems. All servers have
    two NIC's one for the production LAN ( 100 MBIT ) and one for a second LAN
    ( GBIT ) which is used to backup these servers with Veritas Backup Exec.
    NetBIOS is inactiv on the second NIC.

    For troubleshooting we changed the cabling from Cat 5e to Cat 6 F ( 600
    MHZ ). I although tried the speed with Workstations ( Broadcom Adapters ).
    These reached 27 Megabyte per second. On the servers we reach only 7-8
    Megabyte per second. I tried it on times when the servers are without any
    load. I think with protocol overhead there must be reached theoretically
    70 - 80 Megabytes per Second.

    Did you allready tried with other NIC's? Is the GBIT NIC the only NIC in
    your servers? I remarked that there are any performance issues with
    multihomed windows servers.


    Patrik Bolt, Feb 2, 2004
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