Sharing WLAN internet connection for LAN - please advise

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by romi, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. romi

    romi Guest


    What is the best way to share WLAN internet connection for small LAN

    My ISP is providing signal through WLAN link (I have to use external
    directional antenna) and I want to share this internet connection among
    my 2 desktops.
    Initally I thought to use D-Link router (like DI-624), connect external
    antenna instead of original one (there is R-SMA connector) and just
    wire my desktops using built-in switch and forgot about WAN port.

    But looking at this wireless router emulator, it looks that is not

    It routes only between WAN port and/or LAN/WLAN.

    Are my suspicions right? If yes, what would be the best way to share my
    WLAN connection to my LAN?

    The option that comes to my mind is to use Windows ICS on WLAN card and
    connect other computer via Ethernet cards/ UTP crossed-cable, but then
    first computer (with WLAN card) must be switched on all the time.

    Please advise what to do?

    Best regards
    romi, Aug 17, 2005
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  2. romi

    romi Guest

    OK, so maybe I'll ask another way.
    Can Linksys router WRT54G (with Freeman software) handle that?
    romi, Aug 22, 2005
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  3. romi

    NetSteady Guest


    Is your wifi link connected directly to your PC now? Or is there
    another piece of equipment in the way?

    NetSteady, Aug 22, 2005
  4. romi

    romi Guest

    RF Link goes directly from WISP provider (sector antenna) to me
    (through directional Yagi antenna). I don't have any equipment yet, as
    I want to plan it before rathen then afterwards :)
    I'm also considering connecting an AP (client or brigde mode) and then
    router or hub depending on the model. But what would be the best?
    romi, Aug 22, 2005
  5. romi

    NetSteady Guest

    I'd go with an bridge in client mode, serving NAT out the wired side.
    If you can't do that, a workgroup bridge would suffice.

    I'd also connect a NAT router behind that, allowing you to expand to
    more than the 2 computers you want along down the line. It's
    future-proofing your network.

    Good luck!
    NetSteady, Aug 22, 2005
  6. The method depends on how your ISP sets up the system. If the WISP
    uses a simple bridge and delivers exactly one IP address you will need
    to add a router with NAT. If the ISP can deliver more than one IP
    address, then all you need is a hub or switch. My guess(tm) is one IP
    address, which is designed to handle one computer.
    That will work *ONLY* if the WISP supplies more than one IP address.
    It will convert the router into an access point, which ignores the
    bridge section. You also might need to disable the DHCP server.
    However, if your WISP delivers only one IP address, then you'll need
    the router to do NAT and an access point will not work.
    Correct. A wireless router is nothing more than a common ethernet
    router, with an access point added to one of the LAN ethernet ports.
    Since *ALL* such wireless is bridging, were bridging knows absolutely
    nothing about IP routeing, the wireless part acts exactly like another
    port on the LAN ethernet switch.
    If the WISP supplies more than one IP address, then a simple access
    point will work. Let the WISP deal with the IP's.

    If the WISP supplies only one IP address, then you'll need a complete
    wireless router. Attach the WAN side to the WISP radio. The LAN
    side goes to your computers with NAT used to deliver multiple IP
    addresses. If wireless connectivity is desireable, then verify that
    there's no duplication or overlap of frequencies.
    I don't like ICS because it requires leaving the computer turned on to
    Jeff Liebermann, Aug 22, 2005
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