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Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Henry, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Henry

    Henry Guest

    Ok, I thought this problem was pretty simple for all you
    Microsoft networking gurus out there... Though, I didn't
    get a response from my first post, so here's a better
    explanation in case I was previously unclear:

    1. Bought new WinXP machine which is setup w/ AOL DSL
    internet connection.

    2. XP machine is config'd for internet connection
    sharing (ICS)

    3. I have an older Win98 (standard version) machine
    networked w/ the XP machine via a switch.


    How do I configure my older Win98 machine to access the
    internet via the XP box? And/Or do I need to upgrade my
    Win98 standard to Win98 SE in order to enable ICS on that
    machine (older machine) to have internet capability?
    Else, what do I do?

    Thanks in advance for ANYONE'S help!
    Henry, Jul 1, 2003
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  2. Henry

    J. Shilton Guest

    Ive been trying to solve a similar problem that a friend of mine has got.
    She's got a DSL AOL connection and trying to share the internet. I had great
    difficulty with it as AOL clearly says it does NOT support networking.
    Something that Ive just thought of though - can you connect the DSL modem to
    an ethernet hub (assuming you're using a hub)? The problem might be AOL in
    such case I recommend getting rid of AOL. But its worth a try.

    J. Shilton, Jul 1, 2003
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  3. Henry

    Henry Guest

    So are you guys implying that I can load AOL software on
    the 98 machine and have it (AOL) connect to the XP
    machine to get out to the internet? How? As for the
    cost factor, my wife works for AOL, so having AOL as my
    DSL ISP isn't an issue being that the AOL portion is free
    for us. But I am considering cable as an option...
    Henry, Jul 2, 2003
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