Scottish Executive 100% coverage by end of year?

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by GJW, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. GJW

    GJW Guest

    Does anyone know what is happening with the Scottish Executive's pledge for
    affordable broadband for all by the end of the year? There was a tender put
    out in November but I've heard nothing since. This mainly affects the South
    of Scotland and the Highlands where there are many so-called 'unviable'
    exchanges. Hopefully, Updata will get the contract and upgrade all exchanges
    just as they are doing in Dorset.
    GJW, Mar 11, 2005
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  2. GJW

    pete devlin Guest

    Personally I don't know. I am enjoying my 2 meg fat pipe here in
    remotest Moray! Have x - posted to uk.l.s-h to see if any body there is
    any the wiser?
    pete devlin, Mar 12, 2005
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  3. GJW

    MCC Guest

    A few exchanges in Orkney and Shetland have been broadband enabled but
    there are still many to be done. The sceptic in me says that some may
    never get done because the number of customers likely to want broadband
    is too low.
    I wouldn't mind betting that some of the more rural exchanges will never
    be broadband enabled, but potential subscribers will probably be offered
    a satellite link just so as the politicians can say they could have a
    service if they wanted it.
    MCC, Mar 12, 2005
  4. GJW

    Peter Guest

    Like all the other pledges ..... It was shite.
    Peter, Mar 12, 2005
  5. I am also in the wilds of Moray but am forced to "enjoy" an expensive
    satellite pipe, which incidentally suffers many of the problems as dial
    up due to need for a land based isp.
    The possibility of our exchange ever being upgraded is the same as Tony
    Blairs chances of still finding Iraq's WMDs.
    Our exchange is still not even system x which i understand came in
    during the 50s:-(

    Wally Hayward
    Walter Hayward, Mar 12, 2005
  6. GJW

    Bill Guest

    I have asked around on a few forums and had the following reply from
    someone on one of them:

    Mr ############

    Thank you for your e-mail dated 24 January regarding broadband for all
    Scotland. From this correspondence I hope to enlighten you on the
    Scottish Executive’s aim on the provision of broadband, not only in
    rural Scotland but to all areas.

    The Scottish Executive, through its broadband strategy, is doing all it
    can to encourage broadband rollout across Scotland. At the moment,
    primarily as a result of the initiatives undertaken as part of our
    strategy, and recent moves by the private sector, broadband is available
    to more than 90% of the population and is forecast to reach c97-98% by
    summer 2005.

    We, of course, fully recognise that further work needs to be done to
    ensure that all areas of Scotland can experience the benefits which
    broadband can bring, and this is why we recently announced our
    initiative to bring broadband to every community in Scotland by the end
    of 2005.

    Our initiative involves a major procurement exercise. This is
    progressing well and we have obtained state aid approval from the
    European Commission. We are currently in the negotiation phase of
    procurement, and subject to these negotiations we would like to see the
    appointment of a supplier for the services early this year.

    At this stage, I hope you will understand that it is not possible to
    predict when specific communities in Scotland will have access to the
    affordable broadband services procured. However, we aim to see roll-out
    throughout the year, to those areas out-with the reach of commercial
    services, which will be comparable, in terms of cost and level of
    services, to that present in the rest of Scotland.

    You have mentioned that your exchange, Daviot, South of Inverness, is
    “unviable” and therefore, will not be upgraded for Broadband. I should
    point out, that our commitment is not specifically to upgrade telephone
    exchanges, since there are various technologies which could potentially
    deliver access to those areas out-with the reach of commercial services
    in Scotland. Consequently, the procurement exercise is supplier and
    technology neutral, in line with the original aims of our broadband
    strategy and the successful bidder may therefore use an alternative
    technology or mixture of technologies for delivering the desired solution.

    Finally, may I draw you attention to the web-site as this will help keep you informed of
    the latest developments in your area.

    I hope you will find this information to be helpful and reassures you
    that the Scottish Executive is doing all that I can to meet our
    commitment of bringing broadband to every community in Scotland.

    Thank you


    Telecoms Policy Unit
    Bill, Mar 13, 2005
  7. GJW

    Bill Guest

    OK my comments:

    It is not ADSL for all, as done by Northumberland Development (for 2
    preregistrations on Kielder exchange for example !). Also some
    exchanges have major technical issues preventing simple activation such
    as RF feeds into them that are set up for voice only.

    I would expect a mix of paid-for ADSL activates on some exchanges and
    perhaps a radio system for other areas and even that mains wiring

    The downside / spin is in that bit about 'comparable' costs. Consider a
    £200 connect fee and a £25 a month and you could easily have BB
    'available' whilst ensuring that very few take it up and cost actual
    money to the Scottish Parish Council.

    Bill, Mar 13, 2005
  8. GJW

    David Wright Guest

    Nor is ours but so far as I'm aware that's no particular problem.

    A local BT engineer recently told me that Plockton, which already has
    broadband, has the same type of exchange as ours here in 01471 82xxxxx,
    Loch Scavaig.

    <aside to those who know about these things>
    Does UXD5b sound likely as an exchange type? It's certainly UX
    something, I'm less sure of the rest.

    The big difference is probably that Plockton has a substantial
    population (well, substantial for around here) and a secondary school,
    whereas Loch Scavaig has a small population. I'm hoping that the fact
    that we have a primary school means that broadband will arrive someday,
    but I'm not holding my breath...
    David Wright, Mar 14, 2005
  9. Let's face it... when the politicians state "90% of the population" they
    are working from BT figures of 90% of EXCHANGES.. Not the same thing.
    Resign yourself. People like us in small remote communities are "Never"
    going to get decent broadband. Even after the broadband trial via the
    power lines, they quote a minimum of 50 installations in any 1 area (as
    I understand it.. this means.. fed by 1 main grid connection.. i'e a
    village/town!) before they will consider it.
    So I shall have to continue paying for a crappy 1 way satellite service
    which is NOT the same thing by a long chalk!
    OK for file downloads.. crap for browsing (unless you also susbcribe to
    one of the expensive land based isps with low/zero contention) useless
    for games and NO possibility of "free" VIOP phone calls.
    Now if only I still lived in the "backwards" 3rd world country I was in
    for 4 years.. I would have really cheap broadband

    Roll on the revolution... or should that be the election?
    Wally Hayward
    Walter Hayward, Mar 14, 2005
  10. GJW

    Bill Guest

    The official specification for this is 'all communities' with a
    community defined as 'identifiable group of 50 households'. Note
    households not users.

    As I also said I think this must not be seen from a telephone exchange
    viewpoint, it is not ADSL for all but 256kb+ for all at around ADSL
    prices. That is ADSL that will be 8Mb by then.

    Bill, Mar 14, 2005
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