samba network masks and vtun

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by HelloMan, Dec 21, 2003.

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    I have a little VPN configured on linux (vtun) that is accessed by
    clients. Everything works perfectly, I can ping, ssh, transfer files etc...

    Network A is class C ( ->255 netmask
    Network A has a samba file server which is accessed by network A windows
    machines (mostly win2K, but I do not think this counts)
    Network B is class C ( ->255 Netmask
    Network B has a second samba file server to be accessed only by network A
    windows clients (for infos, network B is only composed of linux boxes)

    Network A and B samba servers are members of the same workgroup of samba
    shares (MYGROUP)

    Network A and B samba servers grant access to hosts from network A and B

    network A windows clients can transfer files with absolutely no problem,
    both to network A and B samba servers.

    The only peeble is that to do so, network A windows clients have to manually
    set the ip adress of network B samba server. On the other hand, network A
    windows clients see directly the name of the network A samba server in
    their network neighborhood, with the nice little icon of the computer

    I would like network A windows clients to see network B samba server's name
    and icon, directly in their 'network neighborhood', but I don't know how to
    do so.

    Before I run in trouble, I would like to ask the group what to do.

    I think I need to tune up some configs in network A, my first idea was to
    increase its network mask to in order to make it possible for
    Network A clients to reach machines until

    But maybe broadcasting for servers can be set in network A windows clients

    I have no idea, the problem is that I am physically located in network B and
    have no physical access to machines on network A. I will have to give
    instructions to network A's administrator; therefore needing for detailed

    I thank you in advance for enlightenments.
    HelloMan, Dec 21, 2003
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  2. Standard Windows browsing, using broadcasting, can't work between two
    network alone.

    You should setup a WINS (Windows Name Serive) server, on a Windows or on
    a Linux server. SAMBA include a WINS server, you should set it on the
    smb.conf file.

    Then, all your client should define their WINS server ip to point to this
    server. You may also define the WINS server in the DHCP server
    configuration (if client use DHCP to set their network configuration).

    Then each client send its name to the WINS server, and get back the list
    from the WINS server.

    Note : I never try this thow a VPN, so test with two clients (1 on each
    network) an a test WINS server.
    No, don't modify the netmask or samba browsing will be hazardeous.

    Antoine EMERIT, Dec 23, 2003
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