Running static routing in addition to DHCP on my router.

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by junk, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. junk

    junk Guest

    I've got a Covad T1 router coming into my house. I've got a dozen
    or so available IP's available. THough I don't want to use all static
    IP's to set up each computer. So I've got a linksys wireless router
    ( with DHCP scope of - 199) hooked up to the
    Covad. Also hooked up the the Covad is another linksys router outside
    ( with a DHCP scope of 192.168.100 - 149) in my shop,
    serving a network there.

    Both router WAN ports are serviing there own static IP's through the
    Covad, that is one router is not behind the other.

    I need to access both networks to access eachother.

    But her's the rub. I'm implementing VOIP. I need to put Sipura analog
    to digital converters at both inside and outside locations. THe
    sipura's must each have a static IP. Inside is not a problem since
    the Covad is readily available.

    I've 1 cat5 running between the locations. I've got switches
    available. I want all my workstations to be behind a router. I
    realize I can replace the outside router with a switch, but then I'll
    have to run it off the inside router. Can I use static routing in
    conjunction with the DHCP on the wireless router. If so how?

    Thanks in advance.
    junk, Jan 26, 2006
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