RRAS License Error (Exceeded Client License Limit)

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by uptheantiuk, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. uptheantiuk

    uptheantiuk Guest

    I have an intermitent problem whereby when my Main Office Server 2k3 attempts
    toconnect to our Branc Office 2k3 SBS Server I recieve a 20097 Event and fail
    to connect, the description says "A user was unable to connect on Port
    VPNX-XX. No more connections can be made to this remote computer because the
    computer has exceeded its client license limit". However I changed the
    credentials after a couple of reboots and getting the same error and was then
    able to connect successfully. I have checked the original account and it has
    dial-in privelidges and is not locked out, my remote access policy allows
    this connection and user.
    uptheantiuk, Aug 19, 2005
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