Router trouble with 3 dongle

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Lynn W, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Lynn W

    Lynn W Guest

    Well finally plucked up courage to set up wireless router. 3 had been off
    the air for most of the day, but is back now. Funny as when it first came
    back I got 5 bars as signal strength for the first time ever in the caravan
    but next I logged on I got the usual 2, everyone else must have realised it
    was back and logged on as well :)
    Anyway I inserted dongle plugged in router the green and yellow light
    flashed once but none of the lights on the front of the router lit up,
    Power WLAN Mode Signal
    Airport listed the router, so I went ahead anyway and put in the Wireless
    Key which is apparently the password and it came back with invalid password,
    though I suspect that is because the router has no power to it. I have
    tried plugging in to different sockets etc. If I unplug the lead and plug
    in again the same scenario starts.
    Anyone else connected one of these?
    Lynn W, Jul 19, 2009
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  2. Lynn W

    Lynn W Guest

    It is now working though I didn't do anything different. The way it works
    is that you plug the 3 dongle (E169) into the 3 router (apparently this
    router only works with 3 dongles) it then connects and I now have wireless
    connectivity in the caravan that means my husband can also connect his
    laptop to the internet as well as me being connected.
    The only problem I can see now is me forgetting to unplug the dongle when I
    leave meaning I cannot connect in the car on my way home while my husband is
    driving :)
    Lynn W, Jul 19, 2009
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  3. Lynn W

    Lynn W Guest

    No mine doesn't have that :) I have it now plugged into the router all the
    time while I'm here so I can just open the laptop and off I go, such a
    difference to having to plug in the dongle, wait for it to search and
    connect. I must say I think 'sending' appears to be a bit slower than when
    plugged in directly to the laptop, but that could be my imagination,
    receiving seems to be the same.
    Lynn W, Jul 20, 2009
  4. Lynn W

    James Egan Guest

    I was looking recently for routers compatible with the ZTE MF627
    (which is the freebie one which comes with the 15GB for £15 monthly
    option) and came up with this one as a possible from Solwise

    James Egan, Jul 20, 2009
  5. Lynn W

    James Egan Guest

    While I've been deciding which router to get, I've been using Internet
    Connection Sharing on a vista laptop to allow other pc's to access the
    net via its 3 usb dongle. For sure the speed at which clients can
    access the net are well down on the laptop itself and I can't really
    think why. The way my network is set up with ics involves some double
    natting to get around vista's inflexibility of ip addressing and I
    could imagine that having some effect on ping times but the throughput
    is only about half of what can be achieved by connecting the laptop
    direct. I'll be really disappointed if that's as good as it gets with
    a dedicated 3g router.

    James Egan, Jul 20, 2009
  6. Lynn W

    James Egan Guest

    A bit of follow up in case anyone is thinking of getting one of these
    or something similar.

    This solwise router works fine with the ZTE MF627 once the lastest
    firmware has been downloaded and installed but not straight out of the
    box. The re-flashing was a piece of cake so that isn't a big issue.

    Sharing works fine with no noticeable speed difference when compared
    with plugging the modem directly into a pc.

    The wifi signal isn't as strong as the Netgear DG834GT I have sitting
    nearby but it all works okay. Overall, I'm fairly happy with it so

    James Egan, Jul 22, 2009
  7. Lynn W

    James Egan Guest

    A bit more follow up.

    The big variation in download rate I was getting was between vista and
    xp pc's with vista performance being much better than xp.

    Having done some large ping tests I've determined that a MaxMTU of
    1464 and RWIN of about 18000 on xp is good for my 3connection here.

    This has massively improved the thoughput on xp which is now operating
    about the same rate as my vista laptop.

    Do 3 have any recommendations for MTU and RWIN? I couldn't find any.

    James Egan, Jul 25, 2009
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