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Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Todd Archer, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. Todd Archer

    Todd Archer Guest

    Here is the explicit setup: I am trying to serve a square mile or so of
    geographic area. My problems are twofold. My first is that the signal is
    coming out of a depression to a hilltop where it will be broadcast. Am I
    simply looking for two antennas with an amplifier in between?

    My second problem is that from the hilltop, I would like to broadcast 360
    degrees horizontally but would like more than a 15 degree vertical beam
    width. It seems there would be some way to take advantage of being on the
    hilltop but it seems I would be better off at 50' above the ground. Does
    anyone know of an antennae provider who might be able to help. I have
    looked at Hyperlink and may have to settle on a few panel antennas at a much
    higher cost. Another option is to go with several of the cheaper omni's and
    simply use them on different planes?

    Todd Archer, Sep 2, 2003
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  2. Todd Archer

    Don W. Guest

    No. You need to receive and demodulate the signal, then repeat it. This
    can be done with D-Link DWL-900+ access points in 'repeater' mode or using a
    wireless Ethernet adapter (client) wired to an access point. Using a client
    wired to an access point has a slight bandwidth advantage because it uses
    two radios which can simultaneously carry data whereas the single radio
    repeater is never talking and listening at the same time.
    You're describing an omnidirectional antenna with downtilt.
    Scroll down to the 12 dBi and 15.4 dBi omnidirectional antennas with 3ยบ
    downtilt. There are many other suppliers that sell many other omnis with
    various angles of downtilt. This doesn't change the fact that an omni's
    major lobe is either a flat plane or a cone. The higher the gain, the
    flatter the plane or thinner the cone.

    Look at a cell phone tower and you'll see a better way (and more expensive!)
    to do what you're trying to do. There's no free lunch here. If you want a
    bigger coverage area, you'll need multiple access points with sector
    antennas. Using highly directional antennas on the clients will
    dramatically extend range.

    Don W.
    Don W., Sep 3, 2003
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