Red Hat 6.2 - Cable Connection Wrecked eth0, lo and eth1

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Alan Watson, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. Alan Watson

    Alan Watson Guest


    My (recently installed) Red Had 6.2 system will not boot up lo, eth0, and
    eth1 reliably. eth0 is set to dhcp to see my cable modem connection. eth1 is
    set 192.168.1.x. ipchains is used to MASQ. It was working but now it is not.
    When the system boot lo takes forever to come up, eth0 sometimes comes up on
    dhcp, but eth1 just hangs and the system will not finsish the boot process.

    I used my rescue disk and disabled eth0, and eth1, I can get the system to
    init 5, but lots of processes seem to fail. I have noticed a few error

    At the terminal level I get the message "host name look up failure"

    When I start Gnome I get the message "Could not look up internet address for This will prevent Gnome from operating correctly. It
    may be possible to correct the problem by adding to the
    file /etc/hosts." I don't understand what has happened as everything was
    working ok earlier this week.


    Alan Watson, Sep 21, 2003
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  2. What about using an even older distro, I have SuSE 4.2 flying
    around somewhere.;)

    Seriously, disconnect the system from the internet. It's likely
    that you get cracked in a few minutes, with such an old and
    full of bugs/security exploits distro.

    Please, use a recent distro and apply all available patches.
    Michael Heiming, Sep 21, 2003
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  3. Do your system or boot logs give any clue what the problems is

    While it could be some sort of hardware failure, if you had unpatched
    telnet, ftp, ssh or sendmail daemons exposed to the internet, you may have
    been subject to one of the exploits that have since been patched.

    It is also possible that something in your /etc/hosts file is broken.
    Did you alter the line (which should always be localhost, but RH
    also typically includes localhost.localdomain).

    X may not work properly without networking, so you might change to console
    login (runlevel 3) until you get this sorted out, but changing the line in
    inittab something like:

    # The default runlevel is defined here

    Or runlevel 2 would boot without networking.
    David Efflandt, Sep 21, 2003
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