Rebate Warning~! Trendnet (801.11G pci)

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Mapanari, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. Mapanari

    Mapanari Guest

    They're up to the rebate games of yore.....not sending you your rebate even
    though they acknowledged they go it in the beginning; then waiting for you to
    complain so they send you an "your rebate is valid and should arrive in 8-10
    weeks" email.
    Then you fire off an angry email telling them you've already waited 10-12
    weeks and they then send you another one saying "It should arrive shortly".

    Why doesn't some AG in some state take these rebate assholes to court in an
    open class action suit?

    How many of you got your rebates only after you complained?
    Mapanari, Aug 18, 2004
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  2. Mapanari

    zxcvbob Guest

    Trendnet is one of the few rebates that I've gotten without any problems.

    OTOH, SMC sent me an email telling me I sent in the wrong UPC, and I
    should resubmit it. I sent in the UPC on the box that the NIC was
    packaged in; it has the model number on the box, and the model number on
    the rebate form with a different UPC number. So this particular rebate
    was designed so that nobody would qualify. Bastards.

    Best regards,
    zxcvbob, Aug 19, 2004
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  3. Mapanari

    dold Guest

    SMC has eight different SMC7004xxxx models. It wouldn't surprise me at
    all if someone selected the wrong model to qualify for a rebate.
    I bought one, and had trouble differentiating the features. Then
    difficulty differentiating the model numbers. If someone put a box back in
    the wrong place on the shelf...
    7004BR 7008BR 7004WBR 7004ABR 7008ABR 7004AWBR 7004VBR 7004VWBR 7004FW 7004WFW
    Only four of those are wireless.

    With the heavy rebates, the wireless that I bought was cheaper than the
    dold, Aug 19, 2004
  4. My favorite rebate rippoff was for a Sony CD burner. Sony "renewed"
    the rebate offer every month for 3 months. It looked like one
    continuous rebate for 3 months, but wasn't. It was 3 seperate offers.
    Along with the CD burner came a rebate form. However, if the dealer
    didn't empty the shelf each month at exactly the right date, the
    rebate coupons in the box were for the previous rebate offer. Of
    course nobody noticed the one digit difference in the offer numbers.
    So, I ended up with a $50 hole in my budget because Sony couldn't
    figure out that retailers would not stuff new coupons in sealed boxes
    or otherwise insure that their customers got the correct rebate
    coupons. While not designed to disqualify everyone, this trick was
    guaranteed to screw everyone for about 5 days past the offer deadline.
    Last time I checked, Sony is still doing exactly the same trick.

    In my office are a pile of refused rebates. I like to show them to
    various sales personalities at the local stores in case they think
    rebates are such a wonderful thing. My guess is that the total is
    about $250 over a 3 year period. A few were justifiably refused
    because I'd wated too long to mail in the form, although most of those
    were the result of my envelope sitting around their mail room until
    someone decided it was time to process them. The rest are $10 and $20
    refusals for all manner of specious and erronious reasons. I don't
    know how these rebate houses really operate, but I suspect that they
    have a quota of arbitrary rejections as part of their plan to save
    their clients some money.

    Despite these losses, the bulk of my rebates have been paid, and
    usually in a reasonable time. Intuit manages to complicate purchasing
    their tax software every year, but still paid within the promised 90
    days. My guess is that the arbitrary rejection rate is about 1 in 5
    rebates. Not good, but tolerable.

    Caveat Emptor.
    Jeff Liebermann, Aug 19, 2004
  5. Although it's ancient history now, one of my first rebate experiences
    was with a Sony home CD player. It came with $100 worth of coupons
    toward the purchase of CDs. When I tried to use the first one, the store
    clerk informed me that the $2 coupon would only count toward a CD
    selling for "list" price. They already had discounted all their CDs by
    about $5. So if I wanted to use the coupon it would cost me $3 extra per
    disk. My last rebate experience was with a Dell laptop last November. It
    was the middle of June (7 months later) when I finally received the
    rebate. This was after many phone calls, angry letters, emails,
    resubmitting the packing slip, resubmitting the invoice, and putting up
    with their lies and deceit.

    I no longer participate in rebates at all and won't consider them when
    price shopping. If a store/mfg wants to sell me something, the price I
    pay at the register is the price I shop by.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Aug 19, 2004
  6. Mapanari

    dold Guest

    I didn't wait that long. When they welched on some sort of Web-dollars
    credit, I told them I was going to return the system. I was at day 29, so
    I was going to ship it back the next day. They magically applied a credit
    to my Visa card, instead of the stupid web-dollars.
    I think that, but $30 off on a $39 item is hard to pass up.
    I do a lot of rebates. I am entirely likely to buy something I don't need
    based on the rebate. I only remember being stiffed once, by a case of
    champagne whose rebate had expired 9 months before I bought it.

    At Fry's, I have purchased lots of stuff that is free, or nearly so, after
    rebate. The only problem that I have is if the rebate expires "soon", you
    lose the ability to return an item with no UPC to the store for a refund if
    something dies within the return period.

    Beyond some weird advertising method, or hope that "breakage" (the industry
    term for unclaimed rebates/calling card usage, etc) makes up some cost,
    one use of the rebate is to introduce a lower price.
    Rebate it for 30 days, then lower the price. You avoid having "price
    match" problems that way.
    dold, Aug 19, 2004
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