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Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Krish, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Krish

    Krish Guest

    We have a Software Engineer -Radius position available. Any one
    interested can forward your resume to krishna_k_gutti at yahoo.com

    Function Description
    We are looking for an experienced senior systems engineer to configure
    and manage our AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting)
    system. Job responsibilities include configuring and maintaining our
    RADIUS servers, developing our mediation system, including translating
    session information into billable events.

    Candidates for this position should enjoy troubleshooting critical path
    systems and designing flexible solutions in a quickly evolving
    environment. Balancing short-term requests with long-term product
    requirements is required.
    Experience working in an organization providing AAA service, preferably
    an ISP or WISP, is a required.

    Application development in a UNIX/LINUX environment is required. This
    position requires expert-level Perl skills. Very strong SQL
    programming skills, including developing and optimizing stored
    procedures is required. The candidate should have extensive experience
    with XML including schema development.

    Required Experience and Skills
    · At least 3 years of AAA Server management, specifically using
    RADIUS, is required.
    · Experience processing AAA session data is required.
    · Expert level Perl skill is required.
    · PL/SQL experience is required.
    · Database engineering experience, including triggers, complex
    joins, and schema design. Perl:DBI/DBD experience.
    · Strong XML development experience including designing of DTDs
    and/or XML Schema.
    · Good software design skills including use of UML &
    Object-oriented design practices.
    · Ability to learn and contribute quickly, work independently.
    Experience leading other developers during the analysis, design, and
    execution phases of an engineering project is a big plus.
    · Experience with source control systems, such as CVS.
    · BS in Computer Science, or equivalent experience.

    · Web application development experience.
    · Advanced Linux development skills including .rpm and kickstart

    Equal Oppurtunity Employer
    Krish, Jan 25, 2006
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