Questions about Wi-Fi adapters, amplifiers, and antennae

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by GreenXenon, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. GreenXenon

    GreenXenon Guest


    I have this network adapter --
    -- WG311NAR

    I'm looking for a way to strengthen my Wi-Fi reception regardless of
    the access point I'm using.

    I need an antenna system with it's own power supply to strengthen the
    Wi-Fi signal. Current the signal strength registers at only 20%. I
    want to strengthen the reception to 100% -- or as strong as possible
    -- without increasing the transmission strength.

    Ideally, I would like the transmission strength to be the minimum
    required to access the internet but with the reception strength being
    the maximum possible. I don't mind if the my internet speed is slow
    due to weak transmission.

    Where I live, there is a coffee shop that allows free use of their
    open wireless access point. So if the signal being received by my
    network adapter is intense enough, I'd by able to access the net via
    the coffee shop from my residence.

    A. Is there a way to amplify the received wireless radio signal after
    it has been picked by an antenna and then feed the strengthened signal
    into the WG311NAR adapter? If so, then it wouldn't matter whether or
    not the antenna is directional. Are there any devices that will do
    this? I've heard of wireless repeaters that will boost and then re-
    transmit radio signals but I don't want this because they will also
    amplify the radio signal my adapter transmits.

    B. If such a device does not exist, then I would like to purchase a
    wireless adapter with the following characteristics:

    1. The strength of the transmitted wireless carrier signal is the
    minimum required in order to access the net

    2. The amplitude of the modulation signal about to be imposed on the
    wireless carrier signal about to be transmitted should be the minimum
    required in order to access the net

    3. It doesn't matter to me whether the adapter uses one antenna or two
    antennae. In either case, however, reception should involve the use of
    an omni-directional antenna that picks up signals in all directions.

    4. It doesn't matter to me whether the antenna[e] is [are] external or

    5. It doesn't matter to me whether the wireless adapter is internal
    [e.g. PCI] or external [e.g. USB]

    6. The antenna-gain or sensitivity does not matter to me

    7. The strength of the received carrier signal does not matter to me

    8. Amplification of the received wireless radio signal should be done
    after de-modulation. After de-modulation -- the resulting electric
    signal should amplified as much as physically-possible without
    damaging the wireless adapter. This will provide a relatively
    efficient wireless internet access while consuming relatively little
    power and transmitting a relatively weak radio signal. This process
    will also generated relatively little radio-frequency interference.

    If the hypothetical device in A does exist, from where can I purchase

    If the hypothetical device in A does not exist, which wireless adapter
    should I buy?

    Thanks a bunch,

    Green Xenon
    GreenXenon, Feb 21, 2011
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  2. Do a Google search for the word cantenna and you should find what you
    are looking for. Yes, I said cantenna, not antenna.

    You should be able to purchase or build something along the lines of
    what you need based on what the above search finds for you.
    GlowingBlueMist, Feb 21, 2011
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  3. My crystal ball is a bit foggy on what you're trying to accomplish. If
    you just want improved receive gain, then my guess(tm) is that you're
    sniffing the traffic at the coffee shop. Please find someone else to
    help you with this endevour.
    Make up your mind. If you can barely hear the coffee shop access
    point, they probably can't hear you any better.

    Do you have the permission of the coffee shop to use their system?

    Google for some kind of DIRECTIONAL external antenna with an RP-SMA
    connector or pigtail. Keep the coax cable as fat and as short as
    If you want cheap junk, I've bought a few of these with fair results
    (I had to resolder the coax connector on all of them and the 1/4-20
    threaded nut for the tripod mount fell apart).
    Jeff Liebermann, Feb 22, 2011
  4. GreenXenon

    GreenXenon Guest

    No sniffing. I just want to access the internet wirelessly without
    buying a router of my own. I want to be as anonmymous while using the

    Now just why do I want so much privacy? See

    The answer should be waiting for you.

    I need and want them and me to hear each other clear enough that I can
    access the internet through their system.

    Everyone does. Otherwise the shop would be more restrictive of who
    uses their internet service. Think encryption.
    GreenXenon, Feb 22, 2011
  5. GreenXenon

    Char Jackson Guest

    Char Jackson, Feb 22, 2011
  6. Even if you purchased a wireless router, you still will not have
    access to the internet. You'll need an ISP (internet service
    provider). What you really want is an internet connection without
    paying for it, or without buying anything at the coffee shop. I
    maintain a few coffee shop type wireless systems. You're the type of
    customer that gives me the most headaches.
    This has what to do with privacy? What do you have to hide?

    Privacy... well, your IP address resolves to:
    which puts you on Road Runner somewhere in Southern California.
    Running traceroute points to the Brea area of Orange County.
    Nice area. Considering that you're looking for a free internet
    connection, my guess(tm) is that his cable modem connection doesn't
    belong to you, that you may not have permission, or that Road Runner
    is about to jack up the price on you after the trial period ends.
    It's not. I read your drivel and found nothing useful, relevant, or
    interesting. I'll be happy to continue debating your personal
    problems, but methinks you'll find it more useful to concentrate on
    the wireless problem.
    Have you ever considered the possibility that they don't want to hear
    you? Some of the local hot spots have the transmit power turned down
    on the access point to prevent freeloaders from accessing the system
    from the parking lot or nearby apartments.
    Ok, you don't have permission. Please research "theft of service".
    I'm sure the patrons of the coffee shop will complain while you
    monopolize most of the available bandwidth.
    Jeff Liebermann, Feb 22, 2011
  7. GreenXenon

    GreenXenon Guest

    I already have internet service of my own. I have an account with Time
    Warner Cable. RoadRunner.

    A hell of a lot.

    My name and face, while being brutally honest about my hatred of
    society's irrational norms. No comment on which norms I'm against.

    No. I'm paying for my own internet service. I could care less about
    money. It's my privacy that I'm concerned about. I also don't want
    Time Warner cutting off my service after receiving complaints from the
    moderators/administrators of chat rooms due to my perverse text.
    Worse, I don't want some ordinary person, organizing a lynch mob and
    burning me alive -- and people will do that if they know my
    personality. They will do this to make a name for themselves.

    Both are useful.

    That's why I need a very sensitive reception system.

    Most? No way. Text does not take up much bandwidth. All I plan to do
    is write text in chat rooms. I doubt the cafe staff will care enough
    to complain. I would like to use a maximum bandwidth of only 50 Kbps
    -- to show that I respect the owners of the coffee shop. Is there a
    way to tweak my wireless adapter so I'm not using more than 50 kbps of
    service from the shop?

    On the other hand, people in the chat rooms reading my text -- who I
    gravely disrespect -- will want to fry me due to the deviance of the
    stuff I'd like to write. These evil people in the chat rooms will
    launch large amounts of emotional complaints -- to the chat service
    provider [such as Yahoo], chat admins [who actively monitor text
    written in the chat room], and the cafe's ISP -- against me.

    What will happen if the ISP of the coffee shop refuses to take any
    action against my activity? This is where things get very interesting.
    People in the chat rooms will go crazy. They'll start marching on the
    streets and violently protesting. They will demand that the government
    make new laws. New laws rendering the socially-unacceptable stuff I
    write illegal. These people will form lynch mobs forcing the enactment
    of new legislations and draconian penalties against the stuff I'd like
    to write in chat rooms [which currently don't violate any law].

    Am I right?

    Currently that stuff I'd like to write in chat rooms is totally-legal.
    However, laws can change and that is not good for me.

    Bottom line -- I don't plan to do anything that will make the patrons
    of the coffee shop uncomfortable. However, I do plan to write stuff in
    chat rooms that will rock readers to their very cores. Stuff that if I
    ever said on the street, I'd be tossed into the local incinerator by
    an angry puritanical lynch mob.
    GreenXenon, Feb 22, 2011
  8. GreenXenon

    GreenXenon Guest

    Exactly. That's why I need so much anonymity. So I can write dirty
    filthy sick things in chat rooms that would otherwise get me into a a
    LOT of trouble with society and its evil puritans.

    I am a customer I buy stuff from the coffee shop all the time.

    Paying for internet service is not the issue here. I'm already doing
    that. It's my location and identity that I want concealed.

    If I wrote the stuff here that I'd like to write in chat rooms, my ISP
    would be forced to ban me permanently. The text I want to post is just
    so sick that any human being would want me dead.

    If I post in chat rooms using the cafe's internet access, it will be
    very difficult for the puritans to figure me out. So difficult it
    won't be worth their time, energy, or money.

    What is the minimum amount of bandwidth required to post text in chat
    rooms? In another post I said I'd like to limit my usage of cafe to
    only 50 kbps. Now I want to go even low than that. I want to use the
    least necessary for real-time transmission/reception of text in chat
    rooms. Is 1-bit-per-second too low? If so, what is the lowest I can
    get while still pissing off my chat-enemies in real-time?
    GreenXenon, Feb 22, 2011
  9. GreenXenon

    Char Jackson Guest

    But only for very small values of "all the time", I'm guessing. So
    here's an idea. Go visit the coffee shop and buy something. You can
    use the Wi-Fi while you're there. If you want to use more Wi-Fi, you
    can buy more 'somethings'. Once you leave the cafe, your permission to
    use their Wi-Fi likely ends.
    The help you seek isn't necessarily the help you apparently need.
    Char Jackson, Feb 22, 2011
  10. GreenXenon

    atec77 Guest

    Having read his post my first thought was " not a chance pal"
    atec77, Feb 22, 2011
  11. Ooh, a crusader.
    Prinzip Gavrilo, Feb 22, 2011
  12. Ooh (again): a legend in his own mind.
    Prinzip Gavrilo, Feb 22, 2011
  13. GreenXenon

    GreenXenon Guest

    Yes. I just purchased a Cantenna from

    However, I have some more questions.

    Is there a way to tweak the WG311NAR adapter so that I won't using
    more bps -- than needed for my application -- of bandwidth from the
    coffee shop? I want to be fair to the cafe's patrons. I don't care if
    my connection is as slow -- or slower than -- dial-up. Currently,
    despite the weak reception, my speed is around 2 mbps. Thats too high
    and is not fair for the staff of the coffee shop.

    I need just enough speed to be able to write in IRC chat rooms. I plan
    to do text-only chat. No videos, music, pics, games, etc.

    What is the minimum speed required for real-time text-only IRC chat?
    It should be fast enough that when I post a message, everyone in the
    chat room should immediately see it and when someone else posts text,
    I should see it immediately. However, the connection should not be
    faster than this.

    Once again, I want to show that I appreciate the free service the
    coffee shop provides. The best way to do this -- while still using
    their internet connection -- is to limit how much bandwidth I use.

    Is there any software compatible with WinXP SP3 and the WG311NAR
    adapter that I could use, to slow the speed to down to the minimum
    required for my application? What is the minimum speed necessary for
    text-only chat?

    Also, I need some IP-spoofing software which I can download for free.
    I don't want people tracking my net activity based on my credit card
    number, checking account, or other entities that can identify me --
    this is extremely dangerous to my safety because it can be used
    against me.

    I want IP-spoofing software because chat rooms can ban me based on my
    IP. If I keep changing my IP and assign a random IP to myself, it will
    be very difficult for the chat admins to kick me out. In addition, it
    will be close to impossible for chat-enemies to boot me.
    GreenXenon, Feb 22, 2011
  14. GreenXenon

    Rich Johnson Guest

    The connect speed is not the issue. It is the total bandwidth
    available. If you pre-write the text file, connect, get into the chat
    area, and send the text and disconnect, the bandwidth you actually use
    is small.

    One thing, if you truly are about to raise the rabble as you say, figure
    that the coffee shop will get their connection pulled just as fast as
    yours would be. So, you will be doing a disservice to them and their

    (All actions have consequences, even free speech. Nut up and stand
    behind what you say, or don't say it.)
    Rich Johnson, Feb 22, 2011
  15. I don't believe the adapter can be controlled to slow things down but XP
    can by using a program like is shown at:
    I believe their personal edition is freeware but I have not tried using it.
    Trial and error slowing things down or starting as slow as the above
    software will allow and see how it goes.
    It all depends on your chat software. Does it send the data character
    by character, line-by-line, or everything typed into a buffer after
    being told to send it. Again trial and error would be all I can offer
    but if you are set too slow I'm sure someone will comment on it.
    Proxy's using VPN connections are available but on most free WiFi spots
    if you spoof/change your Ethernet MAC address they assign a different IP
    address each time. Many hot spots just do it automatically on each
    connection to them. If they get around to banning your MAC address in
    their router then I suppose you could change it to get back on. As for
    credit card numbers and such, using encryped web site connections is the
    only way to go. Https at a minimum and VPN tunneling at the best but
    many routers are configured to not allow VPN tunneling.

    GreenXenon, I don't feel comfortable discussing these things so I will
    not be responding to any future questions. Good luck with your quest.
    GlowingBlueMist, Feb 22, 2011
  16. GreenXenon

    GreenXenon Guest

    Just out of curiosity, what would happen if the coffee shop's ISP
    totally-refuses to disconnect the cafe? This is what really intrigues.
    Despite receiving emotionally-charged complaints from my enemies, the
    ISP continues to allow the cafe access to the internet -- and
    therefore I can keep pestering my enemies.

    Let's say the above scenario of me teasing and taunting my chat-
    enemies continues for a year. What would be the responses from society
    and the legal system, if the ISP continues to allow the coffee shop
    access to the internet?

    My guess is that the media will get involved and there will be mass
    societal outrage. The streets will be filled with furious puritanical
    buttholes who will violently protest, throw rocks, pelt stones, and
    start fires. How cool!

    Public uproar and lynch mobs will force the enactment of new laws
    causing what I would like to write in chat rooms [currently legal] to
    be considered a HEINOUS crime. After the new legislation is passed,
    the law will no longer allow me to pester my chat enemies.

    After the new legislation is enacted, anyone writing what I'd like to
    write [in chat rooms] will be named and shamed for the rest of their
    lives and their identity will be made public.

    Sadly, you're right.

    No thanks. I don't want to be burnt alive by those nasty puritans.
    GreenXenon, Feb 22, 2011
  17. If you don't care about the money, why not get a 2nd cable modem, a
    DSL line, a cellular modem, or a satellite internet provider? These
    all cost money, but will provide what you want.
    You're using the wrong term. It's not privacy that you're seeking.
    It's anonymity. There's a difference.
    That's why you should get a 2nd internet connection. With your main
    connection, you can act perfectly sane and rational. With the other,
    you can do your internet terrorism or whatever.
    Where do I sign up for the lynch mob? Methinks you're overly
    concerned. There are easily identifiable spammers, that are making
    life miserable for many very important people, that are still alive.
    What makes you so important that someone will go out of their way to
    suppress your blather?
    Bad news. One of the features of Wi-Fi is that it slows down as the
    signal deteriorates. users in side the coffee shop will probably be
    connecting fairly close to 54Mbits/sec, while your long distance
    connection will run at the 1Mbit/sec end. In other words, you're
    going 54 times as slow, or using 54 times as much air time as the
    other users. Your long distance connection will probably produce a
    substantial number of retries and retransmissions, which will make
    things even worse. I've done the test several times and found that a
    single 802.11b slow connection, can bring an 802.11g network almost to
    a stop.

    Incidentally, one of the ways I keep long distance connections off of
    my coffee shop customers networks is to limit the connection speed to
    24Mbits/sec or faster. It works just fine inside the coffee shop, but
    barely functions as the range increases.
    Try again. There's probably nothing in the ISP's terms of service
    that include differences of opinion or chat room nonsense. If you
    want to get into threats of violence, child pornography, and such,
    then the ISP usually turns over the investigation to the authorities.
    Try not to threaten someone and you'll be fine.
    Nope. Nobody really cares about your opinions in a chat room.
    Everyone writes, but nobody reads.
    Bottom line. You want anonymity and you expect the coffee shop to
    provide it for you at no cost. If anything goes wrong, you expect
    them to take the flak. Nice try.
    Nobody cares.
    Incinerators are illegal due to air pollution problems. In my town,
    we use more sophisticated methods.
    Jeff Liebermann, Feb 23, 2011
  18. GreenXenon

    GreenXenon Guest

    Ok. A cellular modem. Where can I find that?

    Because of the deviant nature of the text. Readers will want me dead.

    The stuff I'd like to write is threat-free.

    Pornography, by definition, involves the use of sexual imagery --
    whether in the form of pictures or videos. Text is not considered porn
    even if it is of a sexual nature.

    Anyways, I want to punish bad guys by writing text in live chat rooms
    that is perfectly-legal, ethical, benign, non-threatening, non-
    violent, non-insulting, non-offensive, and non-incriminating -- but
    extremely societally-taboo/unacceptable and sexually-perverse/deviant.

    Here are the "bad guys" who I'd like to punish with my societally-
    taboo/unacceptable and sexually-perverse/deviant text:

    1. Gangs -- such as MS-13
    2. Hardened criminals
    3. Street thugs
    4. Lynch mobs
    5. Schoolyard bullies
    6. Other cold-hearted trouble-makers
    7. Pretty much any human being who gains pleasure from misusing his/
    her power

    I hate the above 7 categories of people and want to frustrate them to
    no end by writing my stuff in live chat rooms.

    If I were in the ghettos of downtown LA and I said the things on the
    street -- that I'd like to write in chat rooms -- I'd be burnt alive
    and no one would care.

    "Bad guys" do care about my opinion because they want to burn me alive
    for my personality -- mostly to make a name for themselves.

    Those who think like me tend to be bullied by society once their
    thoughts are revealed to the public.

    If I expressed myself on the street, people would terrorize me for
    harboring the thoughts that I have.
    GreenXenon, Feb 23, 2011
  19. GreenXenon

    LouB Guest

    Instead of wasting all that time and energy spewing venom why don't you
    DO something USEFUL? Work in a food bank. Help out a meals on wheels
    operation. Anything that HELPS others. As Jeff pointed out no one
    really cares what you think.
    LouB, Feb 23, 2011
  20. GreenXenon

    GreenXenon Guest

    Can't get more useful than punishing the scum of society.

    They may not care but they would still react violently if said what
    I'd like to say.

    I don't even think I need to boost the reception of my wireless
    network. In fact, I don't need to use a wireless network at all. I can
    just use my cable modem account and mask my IP address.

    On one of my computer's I'm currently using Tor and Vidalia -- which I
    just downloaded and installed. I did this because lost my temper
    against evil society. After installing the aforementioned softwares, I
    said some very deviant things in a Yahoo chat room. Needless to say, I
    got was I was looking for and my IP was hidden. I didn't do anything
    illegal but just extremely anti-social.

    Here are the responses I got from my enemies:

    1. "Die you fucking pervert"

    2. "You sick ****"

    3. "I'm calling the cops"

    4. "Sicko"

    5. "You are one poor excuse for a human being"

    6. "You sub-human animal"

    7. "Don't ever let me catch you in my neighborhood"

    8. "Hope we never meet on the street"

    9. "Plan on being visited soon"

    10. "Report the sick bastard"

    11. "Nasty perv"

    There were many more emotionally-charged responses from my enemies.

    Reading those responses relieved me of my own anger. I was frustrating
    society the same way society frustrates me. I felt I was getting even
    with society by writing such filth in the chat room. Now my enemies
    will try desperately -- yet fail miserably -- to associate my profile
    with my identity. They're probably losing sleep over the stuff I

    So long as society pisses me off, I will continue to piss off society
    via my taboo chat room text.

    Since the stuff I wrote is totally non-threatening, there is nothing
    the law can do to stop me. The 1st amendment permits me to write
    whatever I want in chat rooms as long as I'm not making threats. Sure
    it maybe societally-unacceptable but at the same time it is perfectly

    Hopefully, new legislation rendering my activities illegal will not be
    passed in the future.

    What about society pisses me off? Dress codes in social events. That's
    my major pet peeve. Society doesn't accept me because of the way I
    dress. In revenge, I attack society by writing dirt in chat rooms.

    Society has a choice, either modify your rules to accommodate mentally-
    ill individuals like me, or face punishment. I have a mental illness
    call Autism/Asperger's. That's AFAIK. I probably have other mental
    disabilities. In fact, I probably have all the mental handicaps, in
    the book and additional psychiatric conditions that have not been
    discovered or named yet. In any case, society should simply adjust to
    the needs of psychiatric patients -- like me.

    So long as society continues to outcast psychiatric patients, society
    can except to face extreme retaliation. It's society's fault, not the

    Patients -- including me -- will refuse to be the bigger and better
    person. We will keep stooping down to society's low level. Hopefully,
    more and more patients will do as I do and society will go insane and
    become a patient of its own.

    Society should provide free, immediate, and high-quality mental care
    to psychiatric patients. Till then, expect more perverse chat room
    text from me and my ilk.
    GreenXenon, Feb 23, 2011
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