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Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Guest, Oct 21, 2008.

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    Hi Jeff,

    I found an old post of yours where you said "DD-WRT and OpenWRT both
    have a bridging mode. However, it's not
    exactly transparent bridging and may cause problems if you expect
    transparent bridging."

    I've got an old Win98 computer with PCI 2.1 slots, and I wanted to
    give it wireless access using WPA encryption. Seems like most/all
    wireless adapters today don't support WPA on Win98 and also require
    PCI 2.2 slots. So I was thinking of getting an Asus WL-520gU router
    and using DD-WRT to set it up as a wireless bridge for the Win98
    machine to talk to my Linksys WRT54GL wireless access point. I was
    wondering what you meant by "transparent bridging". Would my scenario
    require transparent bridging? How would using the DD-WRT bridging be
    different than if I had a wireless PCI card in the computer? What
    could or couldn't I do?

    Thanks for any help.
    Guest, Oct 21, 2008
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  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So the only difference would be that machines in front of the bridge
    would think that the Win98 machine has a MAC address equivalent to the
    bridge's MAC address? And there would be no way that they could tell
    there's a bridge? I did read that you could set up the bridge to
    clone the MAC of the machine behind it, so that the Win98 machine
    wouldn't even have its MAC address changed.
    I was thinking of attaching 2 computers to the WL-520gU, although now
    that I know there could be issues with that, I probably won't do it.
    Do you have any recommendations for routers that support transparent
    bridging? Thanks.
    Guest, Oct 22, 2008
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I got the WL-520gU, and I flashed it with DD-WRT and set it up as a
    client bridge. It talks to my WAP, which sits behind a router. The
    bridge seems to be working, as the computer attached to it can get on
    the internet, but there seems to be one problem I noticed. While
    testing the bridge, I would plug the computer directly into the
    bridge, and then plug it directly into the router, and back and
    forth. I noticed that whenever I plugged the computer into the
    bridge, the computer could not get on the internet, and it couldn't
    ping the router either. I would have to power-cycle the router before
    the computer could get on the internet. Any idea what that's about?
    Guest, Oct 27, 2008
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So then shouldn't my computer have the same problem when I connect it
    directly to the router, after it has been working behind the wireless
    bridge? But it has no problem moving from bridge to router.
    Here is what I have seen tonight:

    With my computer plugged into the router and able to access the
    internet, doing an "arp -a" on the computer shows with the
    router's MAC, and the router's web site shows my computer's IP with
    the ethernet card MAC.

    Then after plugging the computer into the wireless bridge, I can't
    ping the router. Trying a "arp -d" doesn't help the
    computer ping the router. I have to do "ipconfig /release" and
    "ipconfig /renew" and then my computer is able to ping the router and
    go on the internet. But then "arp -a" still shows with
    the router's MAC, and the router's web site still shows my computer's
    IP with the ethernet card MAC. I don't see the MAC of the wireless
    bridge anywhere. Does that sound right? (Note that I am not doing
    any MAC cloning on the bridge.)
    I am running Windows 2000, and I don't see any sort of "detect media
    changes" option anywhere. I also looked at that route metric problem
    link you provided, and it seems to be a new feature in XP, so that
    wouldn't affect my computer.
    Guest, Oct 29, 2008
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yeah I do have a computer with Win98SE and updates.
    After doing the "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew", I can visit
    pages that I never visited before in the browser.
    OK, after pinging the WL-520gU, I see them both in the "arp -a"
    At least I know of a couple workarounds now.
    Yes, I will eventually move the bridge to be connected with my Win98
    machine, although right now it is a little more convenient for me to
    test it out with my Win2000 machine. And the Win2000 machine may need
    wireless access at some point in the future, so it doesn't hurt to see
    if it works there too.
    Looks like mine is on, according to the lack of that registry entry
    mentioned in the link you provided.
    Thanks for the help, Jeff.
    Guest, Oct 30, 2008
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