Problem with RV042 Outgoing Dual-WAN Load Balance

Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by Mark Nenadov, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Mark Nenadov

    Mark Nenadov Guest

    I'm using a Linksys Dual-WAN RV042 router. When it is set to Load
    Balance, HTTPS sessions will be randomly be kicked out. When I set it
    to Smart Link Backup, the HTTPS sessions work fine.

    I do not want to use Smart Link Backup, so I would like to discover a
    way around this.

    I know that this is a semi-common issue with Dual-WAN routers. And I
    also know that the answer will ultimately lie in forwarding all
    outgoing HTTPS traffic to a particular WAN port. I'm running a Squid
    proxy, so any sort of per-client/per-ip solution will not be an option.

    I've been looking in the web-based config interface for the router, and
    I can't find any option to direct outgoing traffic from a particular
    service to a specific WAN port. Am I missing something?

    Mark Nenadov, Feb 18, 2006
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  2. Mark Nenadov

    Sycomites Guest

    Hi Mark,
    When you have Load Balance enabled, you can Bind Ports to either WAN1
    or WAN2.
    This may help you.
    Sycomites, Feb 24, 2006
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