Problem with Netgear RP614 and upgraded network

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Phil Allen, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. Phil Allen

    Phil Allen Guest

    My DSL provider ( recently upgraded their network from
    PPPoE to DHCP. Prior to this upgrade, my home network ran fine. Now,
    I can connect either computer directly to my DSL modem, and they work
    fine. But if I connect them through my router, I'm unable to access
    certain webpages (Netgear test page, Windows update, My Yahoo, etc.)
    Some other webpages (google, yahoo, cnn) work fine, if a bit slowly.

    My initial thought is that it has something to do with registering the
    MAC addresses with my ISP. Before I registered the MAC address of my
    WinXP PC, I saw the same behavior when it was connected directly to
    the modem. However, I've registered the MAC addresses of both PC's
    and the router, and tried all three on the router (the default one,
    then spoofing the other two). No luck.

    My configuration is:
    Verizon Avenue DSL (now a DHCP network), where I've registered the MAC
    addresses of both PC's and the router.

    Netgear RP614 router, with latest firmware, attached to two PC's (one
    WinXP, one Win98, with all patches and updates). Router is configured
    to retrieve IP and DNS server dynamically, and is not sending a login
    or password. I've attempted sending both the default MAC address and
    spoofing the PC's MAC addresses. The router seems to connect
    successfully, even pulling down a DHCP IP address.
    Phil Allen, Apr 3, 2004
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  2. Phil Allen

    Chris H. Guest

    You need to contact Netgear support, Phil. This newsgroup supports
    Microsoft's Broadband Networking hardware and software.
    Chris H., Apr 3, 2004
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