problem: wireless MN-500 connected, but not connected

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Andrew Smith, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith Guest

    Hi, I am not new to computers, however I am new to networking. I have
    managed to setup a home wireless network with internet and printer/file
    sharing capabilities about four times previously. Here is my setup:

    Windows 2000 Pro with MN-500 wireless base station software. The connection
    from the gateway/router is wired.

    Windows XP Pro with Belkin USB wireless adapter.

    I reinstalled windows xp and now have to connect it back up to the home
    network. Here is my problem. I get a shared internet connection, no problem,
    but I can not access the MSHOME network. It is not just files and printers,
    but I cannot access the MSHOME network at all, even though I have a shared
    internet connection. It tells me though that I am connected to it. Every now
    and then I will get it working correctly and do not know how I did it and
    then after some time passes it will change. I dont know if the configuration
    changes or what, but the icons in the network connections changes. I have
    checked the following things already:

    Both computers belong to the same workgroup, MSHOME.
    Both computers are using the same channel.
    The WEP security key is accurate.
    I can access the internet from both computers.
    The Base Management Utility (from going to http:// detects
    that my computer is connected to the network.
    I have disabled my antivirus and firewall software along with the
    windows firewall.
    I have tried rebooting.
    I have installed the driver, USB adapter, and software included in, I
    think, every possible configuration.

    Please help me. If more info is needed just let me know. Thanks.
    Andrew Smith, Aug 20, 2004
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  2. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith Guest

    Ok, It was Norton's firewall. But how do I configure Norton now to permit
    traffic for my network? I will make a new post for this.

    Andrew Smith, Aug 21, 2004
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  3. Andrew Smith

    Chris H. Guest

    Take a look in Norton's Help section.
    Chris H., Aug 21, 2004
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