Problem connecting Vodafone 3G sim on 3G router

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Mark Ingle, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Mark Ingle

    Mark Ingle Guest

    We have an Option Globesurfer III 3G router (not locked) which works
    fine with simcards from T-Mobile and Orange, but I cannot get it to work
    with a Vodafone sim.

    The router displays Vodafone and shows the signal strength just says
    'connecting' but nothing happens. The simcard works fine and will
    connect ok when used in its original Huawei dongle. I don't know whether
    it is relevant but the router normally is able to get the time from the
    network, but not when the Vodafone sim is in.

    I phoned the Vodafone tech support, and they gave me the usual blurb
    about unsupported equipment and that they sold a Linksys router that
    would work, but he did say that the simcard is not locked to a
    particular equipment so should work.

    He also said that unlike other mobile broadband networks, Vodafone use
    NAT traversing. I've looked through the Option manual, but couldn't see
    any setting relating to this.

    Any ideas?

    Although we normally prefer T-Mobile for mobile broadband which we have
    found the best overall, the signal strength of T-Mobile in this
    particular area is poor.
    Mark Ingle, Mar 25, 2009
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  2. Mark Ingle

    Graham J Guest


    I think the time issue is a Vodafone "feature". I have a very plain Nokia
    phone on a Vodafone contract, and it does not pick up the time from the
    network, so I suspect Vodafone don't transmit it.
    Graham J, Mar 25, 2009
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  3. There are three ways to get the time:

    1. The time as supplied by the GSM network
    2. The time as supplied by NTP, which runs on top of the IP connection, which
    runs on top of GSM.
    3. The time from a GPS module that happens to be in the phone (unlikely for
    a router) when you have a clear view of the sky

    The first will depend on the time being supplied by the GSM network - I
    haven't noticed it actually working in the UK. The second will depend on
    the IP connection to the internet being working. The third will work even
    if there's no GSM signal at all.

    Without knowing exactly how it works, it's difficult to use the time
    setting as a diagnostic tool.

    Theo Markettos, Mar 25, 2009
  4. Mark Ingle

    Roger Guest

    Perhaps the following from "" will
    explain your experience. I've just tried two PAYG SIMs: ASDA
    and T-Mobile. The time updated with ASDA but not with T-Mobile.
    Roger, Mar 26, 2009
  5. Mark Ingle

    Mark Ingle Guest

    Thanks for that.

    If T-Mobile doesn't support time updating, I expect the router must use
    an NTP server once there is a connection, since it displays the time
    fine with a T-Mobile sim. This would explain why the Vodafone sim
    doesn't work (since it can't seem to connect).
    Mark Ingle, Mar 26, 2009
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