Problem accessing home wireless network after accessing school wireless network with Odyssey client

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Tony, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. Tony

    Tony Guest

    This is my first post and my knowledge of computers is not incredible
    so forgive me if i don't include the right information.

    I set up a wireless network in my aparment with D-link DI-624 xtreme G
    wireless router that worked great. I have the broadcom 802.11g
    network adapter that came with my laptop and guess I use the client
    for microsoft networks in my apartment (all i really know is that i
    don't have to use odyssey client in my apartment to have wireless).

    A couple of days ago, i took my computer to the school library for the
    first time, where i used their wireless network with odyssey and it
    worked fine. when i came home, however, i couldn't access my wireless
    network, even though my network was still listed as an available
    network (i just couldn't connect). I tried everything i could think
    of... all the restarting stuff (disabling then enabling, shutting down
    everything and starting them up one by one, disabling odyssey, etc.)
    but i couldn't fix it. thinking i might have accidentally deleting
    something important using the program hijackthis (which was not the
    case, i am sure of it now :)), i did a system restore for a couple of
    days before, and that worked. not thinking anything of it, i went
    back to school the next day, and i had the same problem upon returning
    home... my question is this - i've read about problems between some
    programs and Odyssey and i'm wondering if that could be what is going

    anyway, if anyone knows a way for me to get my wireless back without
    having to do a system restore every time i come home from school, i
    would greatly appreciate it!


    Tony, Aug 24, 2004
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  2. Tony

    Doug Jamal Guest

    I am assuming that you had to disable encryption and set your card's
    configuration to default (ANY available network). Having said that, does your
    router have encryption enabled? Did you set the SSID correctly or is it still
    set to default? Check your ip address (from the command prompt,
    type...ipconfig...and then hit the ENTER key. If it shows something similar
    to 169.254.... then you have a misconfiguration issue and need to release and
    renew your ip address. (from the command prompt type...ipconfig /release then
    click ENTER. then type...ipconfig /renew then hit ENTER.
    Doug Jamal, Aug 24, 2004
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