PPTP issues including issues with routing

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Sameer, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. Sameer

    Sameer Guest

    i have a win2k3 enterprise server. intially, i had only one NIC which was
    acting as both the VPN termination point as well as the standard server NIC,
    but i changed this to a two NIC setup.

    anyways, the way it's set is as follows:

    broadband router
    firewall (int1)= = = = = = \VPN interface\
    (int2) |
    || ||
    || ||
    || ||
    || |
    /LAN interface/-----------win2k3 server

    i've forwarded 1723 on the router to the VPN interface. the Win2k3's NIC's
    are on separate subnets/vlans. while i know i can move the VPN interface to
    the subnet/vlan that connects the router and the firewall, i rather not do
    it this way. i want some protection afforded to the VPN server.

    the firewall issues, i'll admit, were a bear, have been sorted out... so
    there is no issue with the firewall anymore.

    i'm followed the following two:


    there are two things i need. first, i have an issue with routing. second i
    need some clarification on my setup and how things work.

    i understanding concepts will help me resolve my issue with routing.

    first of all, what fields do i fill for the VPN interface? i take the
    interface needs an IP address along with a subnet mask, so what do i do
    about the default gateway and the dns servers? the first tutorial only
    mentions the ip address as the subnet mask, so i'm confused.

    second, i thought the VPN interface was inactive and only became active to
    respond to VPN requests. so i'd assume it would only responds to VPN
    requests, however, i can ping the interface. so what's where did i go

    as i've read, VPN traffic should flow in one interface, and out the other.
    however, it doesn't seem to be doing this. so in otherwords, routing seems
    to be broken. how do i fix this?

    finally, i have problems accessing another system on the VPN interface
    subnet. apparently, the addition of the new nic has taken over the route
    for that subnet which is causing problems. i need to be able to override
    this route, better yet drop the fact that the VPN NIC is the default gateway
    for this subnet.
    Sameer, Apr 27, 2004
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