Plusnet Broadband PAYG (with inc. 2GB bandwidth)

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by aa, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. aa

    aa Guest

    Thinking of migrating away from Plusnet to Newnet. Does anyone know if the
    Plusnet 2GB bandwidth limit includes uploads as well as downloads? Thanks.
    aa, Sep 13, 2006
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  2. aa

    aa Guest

    Reason I ask is that the Newnet basic (Homelite) package also has a 2GB
    included bandwidth limit which includes both down and uploads. I just want
    to ensure I'm comparing like for like before I take the plunge.
    aa, Sep 13, 2006
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  3. Thinking of migrating away from Plusnet to Newnet. Does anyone know
    Of course.
    Peter Crosland
    Peter Crosland, Sep 13, 2006
  4. aa

    kráftéé Guest

    I was wondering for a minute there, yes Plusnet do count all traffic
    on your service, up, down & even blocked......
    kráftéé, Sep 13, 2006
  5. aa

    aa Guest

    Many thanks.
    aa, Sep 14, 2006
  6. aa

    aa Guest

    Thanks a lot.
    aa, Sep 14, 2006
  7. aa

    NoNeedToKnow Guest

    Yes, PN does count them. Shame they don't give a breakdown of it (as a
    few routers can do this for end users... one of my routers shows totals
    for the WAN link, and on a per-IP address basis, inbound and outbound,
    so one could see whose PC has been heaviest on the internet link!)

    LOL. Some may think that is the 'default', and wrongly assume that it is
    the case with all ISPs, of course, which is not the case. I had (wrongly)
    assumed it was an isolatedf ISP (OK, it is still rather small a number) but
    Zen and AAISP are two that count only downloads... So great choices
    for someone wanting to "broadcast" (uploading webcam images, and/or
    audio streams)
    NoNeedToKnow, Sep 14, 2006
  8. aa

    aa Guest


    Thanks for the confirmation, good to know.
    aa, Sep 14, 2006
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