Plus Net Binary News Servers SUCK bigtime.

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by One2Go, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. One2Go

    One2Go Guest

    Just had one rude awakening regarding the binary news servers on Plus Net,
    they are none existant.

    a.b.multimedia from a total of 4567 binary files 45 were completed.
    a.b.multimedia.scifi from 1643 total files 8 were completed.

    That is 1% and 0.5% completion ratio that is one trashy service. Question
    why do I pay extra for the binary service? Is there any way of changing
    from a 1 year contract with binary to a 1 year contract with no binary?

    Who in the UK provides decent binary news services at a reasonable price?

    Thanks for any help.
    One2Go, Jan 21, 2004
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  2. One2Go

    ed Guest

    Don't think they are in UK but Astraweb do a great service. 25 Gbytes for
    $10 and 10 day retention.

    ed, Jan 21, 2004
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  3. One2Go

    NAZGUL Guest

    Don't think they are in UK but Astraweb do a great service. 25 Gbytes for
    $10 and 10 day retention.

    (There US based amd £7 a month to fill 512 connection with unlimited plan
    and at the moment have around 5 - 6 days retention)

    NAZGUL, Jan 22, 2004
  4. One2Go

    Grangpa Guest

    Zen have been the same since xmas hardly any complete files on the
    Grangpa, Jan 22, 2004
  5. Providing a good news service for binaries requires a huge investment
    in kit nowadays. That needs to be paid for, and the only viable way
    to pay for it is to charge for it as a separate premium service.

    There's no way the costs can realistically be absorbed into a standard
    ISP access subscription, and I wish ISPs would stop trying, as it does
    their reputations no good each time it goes pear-shaped. They should
    provide text-only news as a bundled service, and those ISPs that want
    to can additionally offer a properly funded binaries service at a
    viable extra cost.

    Tony Mountifield, Jan 22, 2004
  6. Hi Tony,

    This is a very fair point. As was announced back in December, we are
    planning to overhaul our news service in March and hope to be able to
    provide a pretty good news service as a result. As you say though,
    providing a decent binary feed is an uphill struggle and I can see
    your prediction becoming the case for all ISPs in the future, simply
    because the amount of binary content posted to Usenet continues to
    grow as more people get broadband access.


    PlusNet Support Team, Jan 22, 2004
  7. One2Go

    Paul Cummins Guest

    What 'official' listing.

    Does ISC own usenet?

    What does ISC have to do with the UK.* hierarchy?
    Paul Cummins, Jan 22, 2004
  8. On Thu, 22 Jan 2004 13:25 +0000 (GMT Standard Time),
    I put 'official' in quotes because it isn't really official (Obviously
    there is no such thing!). The ISC active list is however the same list
    is as used by many other ISPs to provide a standardised list of groups
    and the list itself does include uk.* groups.


    PlusNet Support Team, Jan 22, 2004
  9. One2Go

    One2Go Guest

    As comparison I have EasyNet and now I wish I would have stayed with
    them. Their binary news servers carry a 4 day retention and a very high
    completion ratio. However I am stuck in a years contract and wish you
    success in your upgrade. I have no problem paying a premium for good
    completion ratio and 5 days of retention. As it is I am not comparing
    PlusNet to any of the premium News Servers, just hoped that what was
    stated as a service was actually provided.

    One2Go, Jan 22, 2004
  10. Clearly, it's a minefield, full of rules and regulations written by
    people who haven't a clue how the technology works. The particular
    aspect of this that I was trying to emphasise is that a newsgroup
    cannot really be said to "contain" anything in the usual sense.
    Messages are always passing through, so that what is carried on the
    hard disk on one day will be quite different on another day, or even at
    a different hour. It thus has more of the characteristics of a
    communication channel than a storage medium, the use of a hard disk
    simply being a technological detail. It could be argued that electronic
    memory "contains" information in the same dubious way.

    The question that needs to be settled, if there are any legal experts
    capable of understanding all the ramifications, is how long an
    automatically managed temporary store (which is really only a dumb
    electronic component) has to keep data before it can be regarded as a
    container of it, rather than a conduit.

    Roderick Stewart, Jan 23, 2004
  11. This particular piece of legislation is particularly blunt so the
    ramifications are easy. The mear possession or viewing of pornographic
    material of children is illegal - period. The allegation is that
    PlusNet have in their possession hard disk that contain pornographic
    material. I am surprised they have not had a knock on the door from
    the police with a search warrant demanding to know which of their
    customers has been downloading from the said groups.

    Jonathan Buzzard, Jan 23, 2004
  12. One2Go

    Mugwump Guest

    But that is an allegation that can be raised against any service
    provider providing Usenet at any time. Unfortunately illegal stuff does
    not stay in well defined newsgroups.

    If you did a trawl of every disk of every UK service provider you would
    probably find that each one has paedo stuff on it somewhere, not
    necessarily identified by the group that is normally associated with
    this stuff.

    As you say this law is blunt, and probably wrt Usenet is unworkable. You
    also have the catch-22 situation as mentioned that if you go searching
    for it on the premise that you are going to report it, then you are also
    guilty. Was there not a case of this in the papers a while back?
    Mugwump, Jan 23, 2004
  13. One2Go

    F F Skitty Guest


    I'm sure the post office is also in possession of loads of illegal stuff at
    any one time, as are courier services.

    It seems to me that it would be impossible under the Law to hold any
    "communication" organisation responsible for what passes through its

    (However various news providers can and do refuse to carry specific ng's
    that are intended for paedo's. But if there was a lot of that "censorship",
    I can only assume that the rest of us would get more of them hogging other
    ng's. Perhaps it's better for police etc to try and keep these people in
    fewer places..?)
    F F Skitty, Jan 23, 2004
  14. So let me see, If I choose to snort cocain and plusnet only deliver it they
    are acting lawfully???

    Can you see this an a defence 'I did not think the pictures were illegal as
    they can of a uk isp's news server'.

    The people who need the legal answers here are plusnet - and fast.

    You will note most of the other isp's in the UK DON'T DO binaries NG's. Why
    do you think this is???? Those that do, in my view, know exactly what it is
    they are offering customers and retain the feature as an 'edge'. But hey,
    thats just my view.
    Amigo Entertainments, Jan 23, 2004
  15. One2Go

    Mugwump Guest

    Where did you get that idea from?
    The majority of the major ISPs carry binaries.
    Mugwump, Jan 23, 2004
  16. Right, well... I think there is nothing more to do here than replicate
    a post made today to our customers and point out that the groups
    mentioned earlier in this thread are NOT available on our service.

    "Over recent months, we have been working in partnership with the
    Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) to help make the Internet a safer
    place. The IWF concentrates in combating child abuse images online.

    As a result of this consultation, the IWF have provided us with a list
    of publicly available newsgroups, which have been highlighted as being
    cause for concern. We have now taken action to ensure that these
    newsgroups are not available via our service.

    We believe the work of the IWF is very important and will continue to
    offer our full support and co-operation to them in the future. Further
    information about the role of the IWF, and what to do if you are
    concerned about any online content, can be found at their website: "

    With Regards,

    PlusNet Support Team, Jan 23, 2004
  17. "The majority of the major ISPs carry binaries."

    In the UK?
    I'd check your crystal ball again and look at the ACTUAL binaries groups
    they are carrying.
    Amigo Entertainments, Jan 23, 2004
  18. No, but

    have the clear intention to distribute material that is not just illegal
    in the U.K. but which carries severe punishments, and is considered
    particularly offensive.

    It is one thing for the Royal Mail to handle envelopes containing illegal
    material, it would be entirely another for them to set up post boxes
    specially marked for you to put such material in.

    Jonathan Buzzard, Jan 23, 2004
  19. So you would agree that it would not be proper or legal to offer NG's that
    "Contain images of child abuse, anywhere in the world"

    As per the IWF frontpage

    If this is so then please take a look through some of the erotica.teen
    groups you are offering and tell me if you think the content therein is

    Better still - don't bother, as one of your customers Ive already taken the
    time to report you with examples from your news server with headers.

    Any ISP holding this kind of filth and basically selling it - and any
    individual that promotes it (yourself included) rank pretty near plantlife.

    I suggest the reason you make it available is you enjoy pulling your pud
    over it.
    Amigo Entertainments, Jan 23, 2004
  20. "Jonathan Buzzard" <> spoke the truth in message:

    "It is one thing for the Royal Mail to handle envelopes containing illegal
    material, it would be entirely another for them to set up post boxes
    specially marked for you to put such material in."

    Totally agree. I further put it that plusnet make this material and groups
    available as a feature to sell their services. Nice to share an isp with
    peados and weirdos.
    Perhaps your business customers would share the same view?
    Amigo Entertainments, Jan 23, 2004
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