Pipex double charging this month

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by nouser, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. nouser

    nouser Guest

    Got my Visa statement in and Pipex have double charged

    I assume connected with the email they sent a few days ago telling people
    they were to be disconnected because they hadn't paid.

    For anyone out there tempted to move to Pipex (I'm only with them for
    dialup, and for historical reasons) be aware that:

    a) when I first tried to contact them about the disconnection notice, you
    were held in a phone queue for 20 mins, before being bounced off. They did
    not think to actually put a recorded message explaining their mistake up for

    b) I tried to use their MyPortal thing to check the problem - but that has
    been faulty for months

    c) I mailed them, and it took 6 days for them to reply

    d) No-one thought to simply send out an email blast to all the people they'd
    misinformed in the first place

    e) and now I find I have been double charged.

    I'd estimate that Pipex's 'support' rates at about 10% of the quality of
    PlusNets - whatever their present problems with LLU.

    Yes, Pipex are paying out for slick (?) adverts etc. - but take a look at
    the company site and look at some of the execs who have joined recently -
    one of them made his money selling t-shirts, moved up the greasy pole giving
    handouts to political parties and actually refuses to give any details about
    his early life... all sounds rather get-rich-quick to me...

    Interestingly, once you get past a few cute new site pages, you find that
    all the old amateur crap is behind it... and never trust a company where the
    'Investors' link is more prominent and easy to find than the Support
    nouser, Aug 12, 2006
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  2. nouser

    Eeyore Guest

    The only answer seems to be to move.

    Eeyore, Aug 12, 2006
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  3. nouser

    Fatboy Guest

    Thats what I've done, I got my MAC with in 48 hours after asking for it...
    Fatboy, Aug 12, 2006
  4. nouser

    me Guest

    Yeah but you signed up for something that you didn't even know about
    looking at your other questions
    me, Aug 12, 2006
  5. Yep - that's business for you!
    In my view, the worst thing to come out of academia in the past 20 years has
    been the MBA degree.
    It teaches people to become Businessmen - and women - (with a capital "B").
    It's all about maximising profits, cutting costs to the bone and keeping the
    share price high, regardless of how this affects customers and staff.
    MBA graduates are being sought by firms to turn their businesses round and
    improve their "bottom line".
    This they invariably do this but in many cases the ethos of the company and
    its public image plummets as service gets worse and costs are cut to the
    All too often, customer service is forgotten in this drive for economic
    efficiency. By then it's too late and the MBA Consultant has then picked up
    his 6-figure bonus and gone off to ruin another company.
    Rant over ;-)
    George Weston, Aug 12, 2006
  6. nouser

    Paul Guest

    Very very true! I signed up with Pipex for ADSL about 18 months ago and had
    problems setting up the service. Phone calls for technical assistance
    usually took ages to get through and even then they didn't seem very
    knowledgeble/helpful; emails took about 10 days for a response (if at all)
    and recorded delivery letter to Managing Director still awaits a response!!
    Even though the problem was finally solved (BT seemed the main culprits!) -
    although with no thanks to Pipex - and the connection then worked extremely
    well, I very soon cancelled the account and had to pay a hefty charge for
    early disconnection. Considered this worth the cost incurred, in order to be
    rid of such a firm (once one of the best ISPs in the market - sadly no
    longer the case).

    When I'd cancelled, their reconnections department (or whatever it's called)
    then began to pester me to stay!

    So, they are (or at least were when I dealt with them) good at signing you
    up, good at providing an efficient network, poor at providing after-sales
    service/support/answering letters and good at asking you to come back when
    you've cancelled because of the poor support!

    Shouldn't take a genius to work out what's wrong and make them into a good
    company again! Indeed, I'd be happy to advise them, for a fee!

    What a pity their management (MBA's?) can't work this out!


    Paul, Aug 12, 2006
  7. nouser

    nouser Guest

    Hi George,

    This is off-topic, but I have to say I totally agree.

    One does wonder how all the business owners like Leverhulme etc. survived in
    the last couple of hundred years without their MBA...

    I suspect that a lot of the people in these firms actually have less than 1%
    of the vision, imagination or basic common sense of those business owners -
    hence the frantic search for advice from outside the enterprise - whether
    from dubious MBA courses, android 'consultants' or softskill courses and
    role plays.

    It looks like Pipex is being puffed up to quickly expand and push up
    apparent profits, before being sold off at an inflated price.
    nouser, Aug 12, 2006
  8. nouser

    nouser Guest

    Phone calls for technical assistance
    usually took ages to get through and even then they didn't seem very
    knowledgeble/helpful; emails took about 10 days for a response (if at

    Interesting, so it looks like my experience was not a one-off.

    I'm only sitll with Pipex because of the hassle of losing my ages-old email
    address - however everything else I do is with Plusnet and they have been
    Also had some recent experience with Zen and have been impressed - they have
    improved a lot.
    nouser, Aug 12, 2006
  9. nouser

    Eeyore Guest

    Get your own domain nad never have to be troubled about such concerns ever

    Eeyore, Aug 12, 2006
  10. nouser

    nouser Guest

    New domain - yes, wish I'd done that from the start...

    Latest from Pipex: "...Finance department who will endeavour to respond to
    you as soon as possible. At the moment they do have a response time of 7-10
    working days"

    Either they haven't enough staff, their systems are crap or they are
    inundated with complaints... Another warning for anyone thinking of moving
    to Pipex...
    nouser, Aug 12, 2006
  11. How about rape, genocide, empire and good old fashioned monopolism?
    I was actually thinking of leaving AOL to go there as their write up on
    ADSL Guide is good.

    Then I saw this and wondered just how bulky and heavy a length of phone
    cable and a 4oz plastic 1 x 4 x 6 inch or so, box containing a circuit
    board is:
    Free modem (£7.50 postage). And decided to come here and ask.

    So you think I'd best not find out, then?

    Actually a firm that has given consistently good service is likely to
    have grown too heavy in the wrong departments to compete for different
    customers with different technologies. And when times get thin, those
    departments have to be pruned. Times have changed for ISPs with the
    free services provided by newcomers and mobile phone companies bargain

    There is no way a good company could be a match for giants like Orange
    and co who have already cornered the market in trash. Damn fools who
    want to watch Big Brother on their phones are just too rich and stupid
    to stop throwing their money away.

    They are money in the bank that will buy out the best and convert it to
    the rest.
    Weatherlawyer, Aug 13, 2006
  12. nouser

    nimbusjunk Guest

    Well said that man
    We are a small IT business and get customers asking all the time who to
    use. For 3 years we went with PIPEX as they offered good service and
    they picked up many people.

    Now they have done the following

    Refused to do anything about a managed line £80 per month 1m) that
    was cut off by accident by BT at once when we cancelled. ie leaving
    customer in shit and taking money for a service that was not delivered.

    The MBAS do not even have the common sense to look after the non price
    critical business customers.
    Since the above fiasco we activly discourage people from PIPEX

    Another customer who is on original xtreme connection (2003) has been
    told that his broken line cannot be fixed because he is too far from
    the exchange. (I guess it grew legs and walked off on its own)

    The amusing thing is we are now going for a 10k a yeay 2M up 2M down
    leased line and guess who is not getting the business.

    Summary of pipex now

    customer service 20 mins to answer on 0870
    Are happy to take money for service that is not delivered
    Charge for managed business line but are not interested in the impact
    of failure on a business
    Do not issue MAC codes when asked
    talk rubbish about line lengths
    diagnose fault in non syncing modem as internet explorer fault
    block spam on SMTP but tell you it is a non existant virus so you cant
    trace the fault

    Still I suppose they could be as bad as BT or plusnet.l
    nimbusjunk, Aug 14, 2006
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