Pipex - continuation of "Re: Pipex poor service - letter to Chief Executive!!" saga

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Paul, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Am starting new thread to advise present position (see original approx. 21st

    Pipex system now working extremely well (thanks in part to a BT Voyager USB
    modem I got hold of - seems much 'speedier' than the Speedtouch supplied by
    Pipex). I think something has also happened to the connection - suddenly
    the upload/download speed, when plugged directly into the master BT socket
    (no other cabling), went from almost nothing to absolutely excellent (even
    with the somewhat dodgy and temperamental Speedtouch -with the Voyager it's
    phenomenal, approaching 100% of the possible speed - which is very odd when
    only a few months ago BT said that a reliable ASDL connection was not
    available on my line, when clearly it is an always had been). Something
    MUST have happened in the BT exchange to make the system work properly
    (someone spotted a loose connection and pushed it firmly into place?) or at
    Pipex (some sort of configuration error on my account?). So, suddenly it's
    all working well and I've done nothing I hadn't done before. Wonderful.

    Having said that, I had already written a strong letter of complaint about
    extremely poor customer support to the CEO of Pipex and sent copies of that
    letter by fax and email to various Pipex departments. No response of any
    kind from anyone to this letter!!

    Although Dave will call me a few choice names, I've decided to proceed with
    cancellation of the Pipex account - will argue about their charges
    afterwards. Don't want, as a matter of principle, to deal with an ISP which
    treats its customers so badly. They probably have an excellent system from
    the technical point of view - but you can forget one-to-one support when you
    need it. I may never need 'support' again - but if I do then its back to the
    old grindstone of unanswered emails, unanswered telephone calls and the
    like. If Pipex has taken on so many new customers that it can't cope with
    them that's its problem - it ought to employ more staff in order to cope
    with the influx! Claims about award-winning service are rather hollow when
    they only deal with about one email in ten (and that extremely slowly),
    ignore letters and faxes and don't answer their telephones with any degree
    of efficiency. Automated responses and recorded messages seem to be their
    main stock in trade. That is not customer service - that's customer

    One of my many emails requesting cancellation of the account and supply of
    the Migration (MAC) code finally bore fruit and they emailed saying that the
    account was being cancelled as from 13th October + BT asked to disconnect
    the ADSL service. I immediately replied by email that I did NOT want the
    service disconnected but wanted to migrate (as I'd already VERY clearly
    stated). Reading what you've actually said is not their strong point!

    After a few more emailed reminders they replied (several days later) that a
    MAC code could be supplied but that I'd have to telephone them (groan)!!
    Today I spent a couple of hours off and on telephoning them. Some automated
    messages said that the volume of calls was such that they could not deal
    with mine - try later (great!). Some I held on to but gave up after a time.
    Finally got a human being - who was in the wrong department but passed me to
    another human being. (Wow, there really is someone working at Pipex after
    all - speaking to two human beings filled me with anticipation and
    excitement, though very soon dashed)! Told that the system which deals with
    MAC had crashed - could they ring me back? As I was just about to go out I
    asked it they could email or fax. Said they were not allowed to email the
    MAC (why not!!??) but could fax it - so gave my fax number.

    Nothing heard by about 7.45 PM so phoned again and got through after several
    attempts. Told by operative that no record of my earlier phone call
    great!) - who was it I had spoken to (I hadn't the slightest idea - but
    apparently you are supposed to remember the girl's name when you speak to
    Pipex, something I'm no good at doing - even forget my daughter's name
    sometimes). Was told that as the ADSL connection was being cancelled I could
    not have a MAC!!! Told her that I had definitely said I wanted to migrate
    and that this was another example of Pipex's poor customer service, which
    has led me to cancel my account with them. The girl finally agreed to let me
    have a MAC on Monday 4th October and promised to ring me (gave her my

    Watch this space ... Will Pipex ring on Monday... Place your bets now!! I'm
    not optimistic!!

    Regards to all.

    Paul, Oct 2, 2004
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  2. Paul

    Dave Guest

    Like i tried to tell you, i thought you had faulty equipment, and that you
    should have tried another modem, i even told you how you could do this for
    no additional cost.
    NO a few months ago there was limits on line length for a ADSL service,
    there isnt now as BT have discovered ADSL (at 512k) can work on lines with
    a higher DB then had previously thought possible.
    NO you answered it yourself, you had a dodgy speedtouch modem.
    Good I hope they dont respond, many tried to help you by trying to tell you
    to try certain things, you didnt listen until now, even if you had the best
    CS in the world you wouldnt had listened to them either.

    I wont call you any names, there is no need, i said your speedtouch was
    dodgy, i said try another modem.... No name calling is needed, im more then
    happy just to gloat about being right.
    1. enjoy paying you cancelation fee and new activation to another ISP
    2. How do you know they treat customers badly if you never had a response?
    3. An ISP the size of Pipex and you expect cosy and i quote "one-to-one
    support"? That you aint gonna get anywhere from an ISP with as many
    customers as Pipex, despite what others may try to tell you.

    No they are not hollow they are true, they have won awards.
    Perhaps cos there are so many wasting their time rather then checking
    equipment and wiring at their end properly first... Hmmmm kinda Ironic that
    You really do have a problem dont you, I just wonder how many posts you are
    gonna "fob" to this group with your whining
    Er you have to cancel first before you can migrate as you are under a 12
    month contract.
    Standard procedure

    So they told you your call would be answered and you hung up....... hmmmm
    you must be soooo desperate to get rid of them.
    ISPs will not email MAC codes they say its cos of security etc. You have
    to obtain it by phone.
    LOL, so you want rid of them and didnt listen to everything that you were
    told... well done. I aint suprise you forget your own daughters name.

    Was told that as the ADSL connection was being cancelled I could
    They wont ring a mobile number with a MAC code, Im telling you this now see
    you dont whine on the 4th October in here again, you also need to clear up
    whether they are supply a MAC or disconnecting and cancelling the account,
    either way ya have to pay them the 58.75
    NO they wont ring a mobile
    NO they wont email MAC codes
    NO they wont ring a mobile with a MAC code
    I suggest you learn a bit about the MAC process, as at the moment you seem
    a little uncertain of what you are doing.
    Dave, Oct 2, 2004
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  3. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Gosh, it must be wonderful to be so clever - suppose there's no hope for me

    Paul, Oct 2, 2004
  4. On Sat, 2 Oct 2004 12:34:26 +0100, [Paul] said :-
    Let's get a few things straight here.

    You put in a different modem, and it now works. Do you believe that it
    was a coincidence your service now works ?

    As a test, put back the old speedtouch and see if your service works
    then, this may show if it was a faulty modem (or possibly even wrong
    drivers etc).
    The Grass is greener, Oct 2, 2004
  5. Paul

    Paul Guest

    I probably didn't explain well enough. The service suddenly began to work
    properly whilst I was using the old (Speedtouch) modem. Did reload software,
    used two different computers, swapped around the splitters, etc. Used the
    drivers supplied on CD in box with modem. Still no good. More or less gave
    up on it one day. Tried again next day and it suddenly worked OK!

    So, it worked finally with the Speeedtouch - which can only be because
    someone did something to the connection beyond my premises. However,
    although I was very impressed it still seemed a bit slower than I had
    hoped - especially when surfing web pages (seemed fairly OK when
    downloading/uploading by FTP, oddly). I assumed that the delays experienced
    were a matter of internet congestion, Pipex's servers being busy, etc.

    Only a couple of days ago I had the opportunity to pick up a Voyager and the
    difference was quite marked. Web pages appeared instantaneously - no
    significant delays between pages any more. Assume Voyager a better modem by
    design or has better software - or Speedtouch a less good design, or
    slightly faulty in some way, or less good software?


    Paul, Oct 2, 2004
  6. Paul

    kenward Guest

    What a silly idea. That would be terrible. It would prove that all
    this huffing and puffing about Pipex was pointless and misguided. We
    are dealing here with someone who is always right, never has anything
    to learn and is so important that the world has to stop and solve his

    My guess is that he will get a much more polite and thoughtful
    response from Pipex than he deserves. But they too will point out that
    their service was as promised. Sadly, such bullyboys sometimes do get
    some recompense, if only for a quiet life.

    Michael Kenward Words for sale
    kenward, Oct 2, 2004
  7. On Sat, 02 Oct 2004 14:57:17 +0100, [] said :-
    Yeah I guessed it may be :), I was keeping calm and wrongly trying to
    offer a way Paul could perhaps see and step back a little to oversee
    what _else_ may be the cause of his problems, and offer a way Paul may
    apologise if this is the case. Of course, things should work "out of
    the box", but when they don't - ranting about everything without even
    attempting to narrow down the possible problem options isn't helping.
    Possibly - but if they are abusive to their supplier, then depending
    on the T&C and AUP, Pipex could well disconnect the service and still
    be owed a 12 month contract.
    The Grass is greener, Oct 2, 2004
  8. Paul

    Mugwump Guest

    I don't think so. It was definitely not my boss that posted
    Mugwump, Oct 2, 2004
  9. Paul

    Paul Clarke Guest

    Thanks for all the comments. I was really only writing a follow-up because
    someone said 'keep us posted' - which is what I've done. If anyone has any
    really thoughtful, worthwhile or constructive points to make I'd still be
    interested in them!

    Paul Clarke, Oct 2, 2004
  10. Paul

    Dave Guest

    I have obviously came across as being rude, sorry, I was only trying to be
    blunt, to the point to prevent any further pointless discussion on the
    Dave, Oct 2, 2004
  11. Paul

    Dave Guest

    Echoed 110% :)
    I think he should pay anyway, the service has been supplied, he admits it
    works fine now but still wants to cancel, for some reason!!!! and then has
    the nerve to expect the cancelation process and the time he has had the
    service to be free, some people just dont listen or help thereselfs.
    Dave, Oct 2, 2004
  12. Paul

    Dave Guest

    If anyone will defend me and encourage my whine, please post.
    Dave, Oct 2, 2004
  13. Paul

    Paul Guest

    That's fine Dave - no offence taken and none given I hope!!

    As far as I'm concerned the matter is closed - unless anyone actually wants
    to hear how things turn out (please advise if so).


    Paul, Oct 3, 2004
  14. Paul

    Dave Guest

    Well of course im sure everyone would like to here if they refund you or if
    you have to pay the cancellation charge, also im sure we would all like to
    know what ISP you end up going with and your opinions of them :) without
    being rude, can i suggest that the ISP you choose this time has a good
    track record with regards to customer support, as that seems to be one of
    the main things you want/need from an ISP. You may want to take a look at
    some of the smaller players in the ISP market, such as hi-velocity, spinier
    or, zetnet, they have a much smaller user base compared to pipex, and i
    have heard good things about their customer service, zetnet and spinier are
    2 i am considering, some have raved about zetnet and hi-velocity on the
    adslorg forums http://bbs.adslguide.org.uk/
    Spinier are spose to offer a more one2one approach with its customers, even
    getting to know them on first name basis (although their isnt much info on
    them apart from the reviews at http://www.broadband-help.com) their offices
    are less then 1 hour away from me, so if things went wrong id go knocking
    Dave, Oct 3, 2004
  15. Paul

    Paul Clarke Guest

    Website: http://www.upperdenby.org.uk

    Thanks for useful comments, Dave. I've been using the internet for about 10
    years or so - since the earliest days of Demon. Never ever needed any
    one-to-one support on-line before now!! The first time I ever needed support
    was from Pipex - and I found that (putting it politely) not very good. Will
    probably never need support again, but that's not the real point.

    You may think I'm totally stupid (I'm sure you do!) but I work on the
    principle that if someone doesn't do their job properly, even when you've
    given them the chance to do so and been reasonably tolerant of human error,
    you ought to move elsewhere - to a firm which does do a reasonably good job.

    That attitude, believe me or believe me not (I don't really mind - scoff
    away!) is actually a public-spirited one. If (as seems to be the case) poor
    service is accepted as the 'norm' in an industry then things will never get
    better for anyone. Good service is not simply a matter of resources (though
    they obviously matter).

    I have spent my life working in a service industry and know a lot about
    service "from the inside". Firms which give poor customer service are
    generally ones where there is little or no REAL management commitment at a
    high level to the giving of good service to customers. Where commitment is
    not evident at the highest levels, staff very soon become aware of this and
    adjust their behaviour accordingly. Where there is an organisation-wide
    ethos of good service ( emanating from the very highest levels), where there
    are properly engineered systems with customers' interests as the prime
    consideration, where there is a proper complaints procedure and complaints
    are used as a 'learning experience' (not simply ignored), where staff are
    properly trained and motivated (with consequent high morale and low
    turnover) -- I could go on -- then the result is good service. Where this is
    not the case service is often poor. It is in the hands of senior management
    to make the necessary changes and not simply to pay lip-service to good
    customer service (as is usually the case in large organisations and from my
    experience seems to be the case here).

    Only when people (customers) start to vote with their feet (or credit cards)
    and favour the better performers over the poorer performers will any overall
    improvement be possible. Those who will benefit are the thousands of people
    who are not as clever as you are and who need good standards of service.

    Anyway, as it's Sunday I'd better stop preaching (there's enough of it about
    already) and go for lunch!!


    Paul Clarke, Oct 3, 2004
  16. Paul

    Paul Clarke Guest

    Yes - Zetnet (in particular, as well established) looks very good indeed - I
    may well give them a whirl!! Cheers.

    Paul Clarke, Oct 3, 2004
  17. Paul

    Bob Eager Guest

    I would never go near Zetnet again. I used them for years, but once they
    lost the 'small company' ethos they became disorganised and money
    Bob Eager, Oct 3, 2004
  18. Paul

    Paul Clarke Guest

    Many thanks Bob - that's invaluable information! Who would you recommend?

    Paul Clarke, Oct 3, 2004
  19. Paul

    Dave J Guest


    Quote of the week.
    Dave J, Oct 3, 2004
  20. Paul

    Dave J Guest

    It might be interesting to hear if you do re-test the SpeedTouch modem
    to confirm or refute its responsibility for the improvement in speed.
    Dave J, Oct 3, 2004
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