Ping is fast, file sharing over IP is slow. Why?

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Per Stromgren, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Cheers!

    Why can 98 use XP:s files fast, but the other way around is slow?

    Simple network:

    98: oldish computer with standard Windows 98 and an ethernet card
    connected to Netgear router/gateway/ADSL
    XP: newish laptop with updated XP connected wireless to the Netgear
    thing. In addition it used to be connected to the Internet through a
    56k modem. (Are there old routes in there that has to be deleted?)

    - XP can ping 98 and is fast, 3-5 ms.
    - 98 can ping XP and is fast, 3-5 ms.
    - 98 and XP both show up in the network neighbourhood window on both
    - 98 can use XP:s shared files without any problem or performance
    - XP can use 98:s files, but there seem to be some kind of timeout
    sitaution: it works but can take 20-30 s before activity begins, for
    instance showing a property of a 98 file.
    - I *think* I am using netbios over IP on both machines.
    - XP hostname is 6 characters, no special chars, 98:s is 10
    characters, no specials.

    I am rahter fluent around systems like these, and know TCP/IP routing
    quite well. Windows networking, however, is new to me.

    So, how come 98 can use XP:s files fast, but the other way around is

    Any help on this matter would be most welcome!

    Per Stromgren.
    Per Stromgren, Nov 10, 2003
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