PCs Disappearing from N/N

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by SteveC, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. SteveC

    SteveC Guest

    Hi, maybe someone could help me with this?

    I have a Windows 98 PC set up as follows:
    File and Print sharing For MS Networks
    Netware Client 3.3 (Primary Logon)
    Client for Microsoft Networks

    This PC resides on a Netware network. It is schedule to run a batch job
    periodically, which maps a drive to Windows 2000 server, copies some files
    and deletes the mapped drive.

    However, PCs in N/N disappear and thus the batch file does not run, a
    network error 53 is returned. Although it is still possible to ping the 2000
    server and other pcs.

    I figured this may be a master browser problem, so I made an entry in the
    LMHOSTS of: controller1 #pre #DOM:domainname "domainname \0x1d" #pre is the BDC, which has been configured as Master browser rather
    than the PDC due to network setup. The BDC is also the Primary Wins Server.

    I'm all out of ideas, maybe I've got something hideously wrong.

    Anyone help please?

    Cheers, Steve.
    SteveC, Jul 1, 2003
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