Package for Wireless network + ADSL modem for sale

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Michiel Pauly, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. if someone is interested in a complete package for a wireless network
    including ADSL modem, contact me. It goes away for EUR 150,-.

    The package includes:
    - 1 Linksys WAG54G (Wireless router + ADLS modem)
    - 1 Linksys WMP54G (Wireless netowrk adapter)
    - 1 Adapter for Linksys WAG54G
    - 1 Antenna for Linksys WMP54G (the WAG54G has it's own antenna attached)
    - 1 ADSL splitter
    - 2 cables to wire the ADSL modem and telephone to the splitter
    - manuals for both the WAG54G and the WMP54G
    - warranty untill february 2005

    The whole package is in a new state, nothing is damaged.
    Michiel Pauly, Jul 28, 2004
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