Optimum positioning for wireless router

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Tim Downie, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. Tim Downie

    Tim Downie Guest

    I've got a D-Link DSL-604+ at present and it's in a room that's a converted
    integral garage. As such, it has a cavity external wall between it and the
    rest of the house.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, I'm finding wireless connection problematic.

    Where I'm most likely to want a wireless connection is in our lounge (for
    the laptop) which is across the hall from where the router is at present. I
    could move the router into the hall (not very pretty though) or
    alternatively, into a small office upstairs where it would separated from
    the lounge by the ceiling only.

    I have to say I disappointed with the range of the D-Link router which would
    seem to have been calculated in open air or a vacuum.

    Where do other folk site their wireless routers and do you have trouble with
    reception in houses with solid (i.e. not timber and plasterboard) walls?

    Tim Downie, Sep 16, 2003
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  2. Tim Downie

    Graham Guest

    I have a D-Link DWL 2000 AP (802.11g access point) I have located it in
    the loft in the apex of the roof (inside) to allow access in the back
    garden and all over the house. The signal strength varies but it works
    fine to a laptop with an 802.11b anywhere in the house and up to about 50
    metres outside. I had to try it in a few locations to get the coverage I
    wanted. The house is a detached two storey affair. Try it in a few
    locations before you decide to fix it's final position.

    Graham, Sep 17, 2003
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  3. Tim Downie

    Tim Downie Guest

    Well, it's ended up on the cupboard under the stairs as I've opted for hard
    wired connections for most of our PCs and it's the easiest place to wire
    from. The cupboard is also only made of plasterboard and so far, wireless
    connection seems to work fine where we need it to.


    Tim Downie, Sep 18, 2003
  4. Tim Downie

    jon morris Guest

    When my Netgear AP died I replace it with a DLink 54G AP and found the range
    to be very poor.....took it back and exchanged it for the Belkin which works
    very well....
    jon morris, Sep 20, 2003
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