Opera Mini 2.0 released

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by John Navas, May 9, 2006.

  1. John Navas

    John Navas Guest


    It's free and fabulous. What's new:

    * Content download: Download images, MP3s, etc. directly to the phone.
    * New skins: Make Opera Mini your own by selecting from several new and bold
    skins to suit your mood.
    * Multisearch: Opera Mini offers advanced searching functionality by allowing
    users to select extra search engines for the home page.
    * Speed dial: Bookmarks displayed on the home page are assigned a shortcut key
    combination for faster access to favorite sites.
    * Visual navigation: Quick and smooth horizontal panning when browsing
    backwards or forwards.

    To download Opera Mini 2.0 to your phone, go to <http://mini.opera.com> with
    your phone's WAP browser. For other ways of getting Mini, go to

    Note: This is a heads up, not spam. I have no connection to Opera.
    John Navas, May 9, 2006
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