One question the iPhone 4S reviews all seem to ignore (size of the GSM SIM card!)

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by SF Man, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. SF Man

    SF Man Guest

    I've looked at a dozen iPhone 4S reviews, none of which commented on the
    SIZE of the GSM SIM card!

    When I travel to a foreign country, I find it useful to purchase a local
    SIM card (sometimes with the help of a foreign national) containing about
    an hour of local talk time, which I throw away upon leaving that country.

    This works fine for an unlocked GSM iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS which
    all have a 'normal sized' GSM SIM card slot; but it fails on an iPhone 4
    due to the half-sized SIM card used (specifically to foil you on that

    May I ask ...

    Since the new iPhone 4S is billed as a "world phone", and since it contains
    "support for both CDMA and GSM networks", may I ask if they use the
    standard 'regular-sized' GSM SIM card, or if they still use the AT&T-only
    half-sized GSM SIM card?
    SF Man, Oct 6, 2011
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  2. SF Man

    John Doe Guest

    FYI, according to my research... Regular size SIM cards can be
    physically trimmed to fit in the iPhone 4. You might be able to
    find a little device that does the trimming for you.
    John Doe, Oct 7, 2011
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  3. SF Man

    SF Man Guest

    I had no idea!

    Googling for "how to trim a SIM card", I find there is an iPhone 4G "SIM
    card cut" procedure that turns a standard Mini SIM card into a Micro SIM

    Amazingly, when I switched to T-Mobile and bought an unlocked iPhone 3GS,
    nobody told me that I could have bought the iPhone 4!

    I wonder, once trimmed from a mini SIM to a micro SIM, if the trimmed SIM
    card can fit BACK into a normal mini sim slot?
    SF Man, Oct 7, 2011
  4. SF Man

    miso Guest

    I don't touch the Fruity Stuff, but I heard it described as a microsim.
    You should be able to find a video of the "event."

    While I detest apple crap, I really don't have an issue with the
    microsim. Over the years, simcards have been getting smaller. My first
    GMS phone had a simcard nearly as big as a credit card.

    So whatever. They will make smaller cards. You can probably get them at
    phone kiosks in the states if you really want to make sure you are set
    up before you leave the country.

    What you really need to be asking is why the hell doesn't Apple use UMA.
    Or why the hell don't they cover the T-Mob frequencies. Seriously, what
    a bunch of wankers at Apple.

    Personally, the 4S is a stupid phone. It still has the glass back that
    cracks. I'd skip that piece of junk and wait for the iphone5 in the
    metal case. I can't say the metal case will help it work as a phone, but
    sure as hell that back won't crack anymore. There are about 4 class
    action lawsuits against Apple for that junky design. Mostly woman have
    those cracked iphone4's, probably due to cramming them in their purse.
    To keep an iphone4 from not cracking, you need a freakin' otterbox,
    which takes a slim phone and makes it chunky. Dumb.

    The damn chipset craps out at 14mbps. Hell, blackberry can do that.
    Android has data rates up to 42Mbps onT-Mob.

    The iphone4s is a loser. I can't see Apple waiting a whole year for the
    iphone5. I bet it will be out in less that 6 months. The iphone4s is
    simply not competitive. AT&T is rolling out LTE, and that isn't even in
    the works for the iphone4s. I think most fanbois won't jump ship and go
    Android, but not a lot of people will consider the 4S a trade up. They
    will wait for the 5.
    miso, Oct 7, 2011
  5. SF Man

    John Doe Guest

    Whatta troll.
    John Doe, Oct 7, 2011
  6. SF Man

    miso Guest

    Actually I post here all the time. You're the troll.

    Pretty moronic to run an iphone on T-Mob. You only get EDGE. I guess
    nobody told you that either.

    Check around with the bloggers. I'm not the only one who thinks the
    iphone4s is a crappy product at this time.
    miso, Oct 8, 2011
  7. SF Man

    SF Man Guest

    This site confirms both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S contain a Micro SIM card

    Now that I know I can simply scissor trim the Mini SIM to a Micro SIM, I'm
    hoping that the iPhone 4 prices will drop precipitously on Craigslist when
    the iPhone 4 (and again with the iPhone 5) come out ... so that's when I'll
    get my kid another iPhone.

    For me, I dropped AT&T because they force you to have a data plan even if
    you never wanted it (even with a data block in place); so I went to

    For my kid, using the iPhone on T-Mobile is just fine since his only data
    is WiFi (T-Mobile, in contrast to AT&T, allows you to have an iPhone phone
    without a data plan).

    My kid doesn't need cellular data; he just wants the keyboard of the iPhone
    and the gaming apps.

    Unfortunately, I can't talk him into an Android phone in the least!
    SF Man, Oct 8, 2011
  8. SF Man

    miso Guest

    I don't see many iphone 4 owners going to the 4s. It simply isn't that
    big of an upgrade. Siri... like seriously?

    I'm told the iphone4's that have the rear glass cracked are easy to
    repair yourself. Most iphone users live with the cracked glass (what an
    advertisement that is for Apple quality), but you might be able to find
    a cheap cracked one on Craigslist. You don't want to deal with the front
    glass being cracked since that requires the LCD to be glued.

    The rear glass is under $20. Tools to change it are another story, but
    you can show up at the Apple store with cracked phone and new glass in
    hand, and make a stink. The store has the tools.

    Sprint refuses to insure the iphone4s. That glass is just a fucking pain
    in the ass.
    miso, Oct 11, 2011
  9. It's called scissors. At least that worked for me and my wife.

    Lorenzo Sandini, Oct 11, 2011
  10. SF Man

    John Doe Guest

    Then you should be ashamed, troll.

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    John Doe, Oct 13, 2011
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