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    Ideas That Made Me Over £¼ Million Pounds Profit In A Single Year

    "£40,000* Banked Within Days ... It's The Most AMAZING Way Of Making Money
    You've Ever Seen ..."
    *Figures are approximate value after conversion from US dollars to Sterling

    The figure above may sound incredible I know, but nevertheless that's
    exactly what one couple seem to have banked, for doing something which is
    ever so simple. In fact so successful were they, that they even appeared on
    TV in America and were featured in the Wall Street Journal and New York
    Times (though this has nothing to do with investments/shares by the way).

    However, we became more impressed when we discovered two things. Firstly, it
    would seem it took them ONLY 90 MINUTES AND ABOUT £19* TO ATTAIN THIS FIGURE
    and secondly, this couple had actually made a mistake with the system, if
    they had done it differently, that £40,000 could have turned into an
    absolute fortune. Our initial research shows that others have realised this
    and some are believed to have turned over millions, like the husband and
    wife team who went from virtually ZERO TO £2.5 MILLION IN A YEAR!

    In fact, there are it seems, many individuals quietly going about making a
    great deal of money ... right from their own homes ... YET YOU'D NEVER GUESS
    WHAT OR HOW THEY'RE DOING IT. You'll want to read the report carefully
    because this could very well improve your entire financial situation ...
    FOREVER ... It's truly REMARKABLE!

    I guarantee you'll not be disappointed.

    Buy for only £29.00


    How A Couple Made A Mistake;
    Yet Still Earned £40,000 Overnight!
    The New Extraordinary Way To Live The Dream
    Every Day of Your Life


    Can YOU become an E-Millionaire? Well why not? Other ordinary individuals
    across the UK are now seizing this once-in-a-lifetime chance to achieve
    their financial dreams online. Yes, there's a lot of hype out there, but
    behind all this, lies a genuinely massive opportunity to change your life
    forever. Already, though the Internet in the UK is in its infancy
    commercially, there are an increasing number of British E-Millionaires

    One of the youngest being 17 year old Benjamin Cohen who starting with £150
    built an Internet business that's now worth £5 MILLION POUNDS. Or how about
    Ernesto Schmitt worth some said £10 Million ... and he's site only launched
    a few months before that.

    I noticed that even those you'd probably least expect to get involved, have
    realised just how profitable a Net business can be. One name that caught my
    eye in this article was Bob Geldof (yes the former pop star) who's Internet
    investment value is now considered to be at a staggering £10 MILLION ... and
    no, his site has nothing to do with the music business or himself by the

    One in Ten Chance Of Making An Internet Million?

    Another success I recently read about in the Guardian newspaper concerned
    Eva Pascoe who at the age of just 34 is already on her fourth Net business.
    Does she need another Internet business? Probably not. In fact, as the
    article commented, "...she has actually pocketed several million pounds...".
    But when you've hit the mother lode, you don't want to pack up and retire.

    "There are at least 100 Internet start-ups in this country right now
    and maybe 10 of those will float on the stock market. That's a one in 10
    chance of becoming a millionaire. Where else could you get those kind of

    Eva Pascoe

    How did she start? With tens of thousands of pounds? Well it may surprise
    you, but to raise even the little she needed to launch her business, she had
    to knit mohair jumpers and sell them on. She didn't have the contacts ...
    she didn't have lots of money behind her. All she had was a dream and the
    foresight to know that the Internet is THE place where fortunes can be made
    relatively quickly at the moment. So whatever position you are in, don't
    discount yourself.

    It might not make you millions quickly, but even if you could run a little
    site which generated several hundred or thousand pounds extra per month
    (based upon something you really enjoy doing as well), it's got to be worth
    having a go at, hasn't it? You never know what you could achieve ... where
    this could take you.

    So how do you tap into this Global flow of wealth? What kind of business is
    the easiest to set up and run? Where do you begin? How much will it cost?
    What if you haven't got even a single idea about the kind of Internet
    business you'd like to operate? How do you set up a business to run
    virtually automatically?

    Living The Dream - The System For Making A Fortune Having The Time Of Your

    It was for these very reasons that E-Publishing UK produced one of the most
    remarkable publications that's ever been published. The testimonials simply
    flooded in as individuals were finally introduced to one of the most
    fascinating ways to make money in existence. Think about it for a moment!

    You can work from the comfort of your own home ... you can build a business
    doing something you really enjoy ... you don't need to speak to anyone on
    the phone or meet anyone face-to-face ... you can conduct your entire
    business via email ... and you can literally run your business from
    virtually anywhere in the world, be it an apartment in the city, a home in
    the country, or a villa in the sun. In my opinion it is the ideal business.

    But you have to act now ... everyday the door is closing ... everyday you
    are losing out. If you don't act quickly you really may find yourself
    regretting this forever. As I said, it's got to be worth giving it a go ...
    or at the very least, finding out how you could turn your interest or
    passion into a Million pound enterprise. Which is exactly what Living the
    Dream can do for you.

    Here's just some of what's included:

    a.. Is this the new lazyman's way to riches?
    b.. From £200-£500,000 in just 3 years
    c.. How to achieve Instant results
    d.. How to take your profits sky high at the touch of a button
    e.. How to make a fortune while others do the work
    f.. The Goldmine an incredible 13,000 money making opportunities
    g.. How a couple made a mistake yet still earned £40,000 in an evening
    h.. 6,000 places to make your fortune online
    i.. How to run the system without lifting a finger
    j.. £0-£25 Million in 1 year ... the ultimate online business
    k.. A new untapped money-maker
    l.. A simple way to use the formula
    m.. The most powerful way to use the system
    n.. Setting up a global income
    o.. Making money 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    p.. How to get the information you want free
    q.. Making money and having fun
    r.. How to send your profits through the roof
    s.. Where to begin if you haven't even got as computer
    t.. Making a fortune having the time of your life
    Plus far, far more. Actually the Internet pack also includes a fascinating
    free report called, The Global Report which highlights the Future Trends and
    The Breakthrough which is going to cause the world to totally change ... and
    with it the way you live in the future. You'll find this report totally
    absorbing. It will give you an awful lot of food for thought that's for

    Here's A Massive Discount For The April/May 2004

    Why do I want you to have this remarkable Living the Dream Internet Starter

    Because it will be one of the most powerful publications you have ever read,
    or will ever read, in your life. That's a promise. It's going to introduce
    you to a new way of living by doing something which you'll probably find is
    a whole lot easier than you imagine at the moment. In fact, if you have any
    interest in making your living at home by surfing the Net on your computer
    or television, this is the online system you need.

    So how much does it cost.

    Living The Dream has been valued at a price of £99. But as a special offer,
    I am taking £70 off this value for money price. Which means for a short time
    you can get this pack at a massively reduced price of just £29.

    Furthermore, in addition to this massive price drop I am going to include
    another absolutely fascinating product called, The System Decoder. Using
    this will allow you to unlock the full power of the system outlined in
    Living the Dream.

    The Most Powerful Way To Change Your Life Forever

    Well there are not too many opportunities in life to buy a £99 product for
    just £29. But here's one. This could be quite literally, your very last
    chance in 2004 to own this powerful material (supplies will be distributed
    on a first-come-first-serve basis).

    So what are you going to do? Before you make that decision just stop to
    reflect for a minute. Think about that! It's a great chance to change your
    life forever. But what if you do nothing? Will you be happy? Is anything
    going to be any different for you? Do you really want next year, and the
    year after, and the year after that, to be exactly the same as the past few
    years? What's the purpose in that?

    Make a decision right now to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER by ordering the
    remarkable Living the Dream Internet package. You'll never regret it!

    Just one simple decision could be the start of the most exciting adventure
    of your life. And for that alone, it's got to be worth at least trying.


    E-Publisher, Apr 10, 2004
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