One D-Link Router plus Two D-Link Wireless PC cards = INTERFERENCE???

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Chiz Crikey, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Chiz Crikey

    Chiz Crikey Guest

    Dear anybody,

    I have a D-Link router running.
    It has WEP encryption on.
    It is dhcp-ing ip addresses out to people.

    Two people in the room.
    Both on ordinary cat4 ethernet connection - fine
    One on ethernet, one using D-Link wireless PC card - fine
    Both on wireless PC card - fine for a few moments, then one of the two
    (or sometimes both) will get kicked off either the VPN they're
    connected to, or the router itself!)

    Now, when the person gets kicked off the VPN, sometimes its ok to
    connect back on and carry on - still a hassle though.
    Sometimes, when the person gets kicked off, they are actually kicked
    off the router properly and an 'ipconfig/all' shows a completely
    random ip address that the router's dhcp would not have given them.
    Only action here is a reboot as ipconfig/renew (release) won't even

    Don't think its cordless phone interference as a one user on wireless
    situation is fine and dandy (excellent sig strength and quality all
    around the house).

    So, question is - is it a fault that both people (or indeed more than
    two) can't work with D-Link wireless cards?
    If they should be able to, what's up with our setup?

    Oh, and our kit is
    D-Link DI-624 router
    D-Link DWL-650+ wireless pc cards

    Thank you very very very very much!!!!

    Chiz Crikey, Dec 21, 2003
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