Oddball network hang, related to Cisco VPN

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Kevin the Drummer, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Back when I was running Mandrake 10.1 on my Athlon machine the
    machine would lock up at times when I would transfer large files
    over NFS to my Celeron machine. But, lock-ups would only occur
    when the Athlon machine had an active Cisco VPN connection
    running. When the VPN was down, then the machine was completely

    Then I upgraded both machines to Mandriva 2007.0. The symptom
    changed. The Athlon machine would no longer lock up. But,
    it's networking system would freeze and I'd have to restart it.
    Again, there were only problems when the Cisco VPN client was

    A week ago I swapped out my network card in the Celeron machine,
    taking out a 3com Combo (3c59x) card and installing a Lite-On
    LNE100TX (tulip). Swapping the hardware has covered up the
    problem and I can't make the Athlon machine's network hang

    The problem machine consists of: Mandriva 2007.0, Athlon 64-X2
    processor on an ABIT-AV8-3rd-Eye motherboard with built-in 1Gb
    ethernet, running version of Cisco's VPN client for

    The companion machine consists of: Mandriva 2007.0, Intel
    Celeron processor on an Intel-D845PESV motherboard with PCI 100Mb
    network card.

    I'm posting this in case anyone else has a problem.

    Kevin the Drummer, Nov 26, 2007
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  2. Same problem, using Cisco client or Running
    Ubuntu 7.10, networking through ipw3945 wireless. Everything works
    until I try to put a large amount of data through the VPN. Only way I
    know to get networking back on the underlying interface is to reboot.
    I think things worked better under 7.04, but I may not have tried to
    do exactly this.
    J. Scott Berg (BNL), Dec 4, 2007
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