Odd quirks with my X-Micro 802.11b dongle wireless thing

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Jack Blake, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Jack Blake

    Jack Blake Guest

    Can't find a review of this wireless dongle for my laptop. Here's its
    oddness, which might not be typical, but then again, it could ..
    couldn't it?

    - No USB cable came with it (well, the price wuz right, cheapest)
    - Once in a while, after laptop (Win XP Home ed.) is booted, driver
    needs to be reloaded and settings are lost, but not always
    - Doesn't work until warmed up a few minutes. Mebbe I'm too hard on
    this thing 'cuz the router is 60' or so away, past three walls/doors.
    - The icon/software states, "Very Good" but no connection, really,
    until a "Repair" (whatever that means) command is selected.
    - After a while, seems loose on the USB port. But that could be good,
    so it doesn't wreck the port while I bump the dongle into doors and
    walls (alas, no cable to it actually dongles on a cable)

    BTW, according to the box literature, its not "rated" for North
    America as only European countries are listed in its compatibility
    chart. Wuzza dat mean?

    Its made in Taiwan, allegedly, per the box. My Chinese friends could
    be smuggled from China, labor there tons cheaper. So, are we
    exploiting or helping poor yoricks in the Third World when we buy this

    But then again, maybe not.
    Jack Blake, Oct 22, 2004
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