NTL Broadband and the web pages that wil not load!!

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Stephen, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Stephen

    Stephen Guest

    I am trying to help my mate out. He has a new computer whch I had a hand in
    configuring for him.
    At my house I can get the broadband to work with my ISP (pipex) using a usb
    I have removed all the pipex settings and the computer is now at my friends
    and he has installed NTL broadband, using usb modem (also tried
    lan)completed the required password settings etc and appears connected, but
    no web page loads. AT the bottom it says done but there is nothing on
    NTL say the connection is working as they have pinged the computer. So why
    won't a web page or outlook express 'work' the internet?
    Norton firewall is disabled.
    I have looked at various similar problems on posts within newsgroups but
    can't seem to cure this.
    Any help please.
    Thank you.
    Stephen, Jan 31, 2004
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  2. Stephen

    phoenix Guest


    If this is your PC that you've taken there then you need to power-off the
    cable modem (STB) for a couple of minutes before your PC will be
    recognised. NTL & Blueyonder authenticate by NIC MAC address. I'm not an
    NTL user but you could have a look in the NTL forum at www.cm-forums.co.uk
    where you should find this has been discussed many times.



    phoenix, Jan 31, 2004
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  3. Stephen

    SimpleSimon Guest

    Has your mate been to the NTL start page which registers the modems MAC

    A good site for info on setting up PC's for NTL Broadband is

    SimpleSimon, Jan 31, 2004
  4. Stephen

    Gareth Guest

    The first time I put my USB modem on my PC my pages did not load and I had
    to type in: http://autoreg.autoregister.net which takes you to the NTL
    broadband registration screen. You will need the codes that NTL send in the
    welcome pack.
    Gareth, Jan 31, 2004
  5. Stephen

    Stephen Guest

    Thanks to you all for the replies.

    We have managed to sort this out now.
    Although the firewall was disabled it was somwhow blocking internet access.
    After removing the firewall and rebooting, internet access resumed.
    Stephen, Feb 1, 2004
  6. I hope you're not planning on leaving the firewall out permanently?
    In this day and age, you really don't want to be connected to the
    Internet for any more than about 5 seconds without a firewall. You
    really should figure out what rules need to be added to your firewall
    so that Internet access works. If you can't get it working with this
    particular firewall (I can't remember which one you said was
    installed), then try another one. FWIW, I have NTL broadband and use
    Kerio 2.1.4 firewall, and eberything works fine.
    Clive Backham

    Note: As a spam avoidance measure, the email address in the header
    is just a free one and doesn't get checked very often. If you want to email
    me, my real address can be found at: www [dot] delback [dot] co [dot] uk
    Clive Backham, Feb 1, 2004
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