Not a wireless problem, pe se - but a result of a wireless WISPstatic IP

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Chuck Banshee, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. I often post to Craigslist looking for used equipment, such as wifi
    equipment and outdoor tools ... but recently my switch to a different
    WISP has apparently instantly killed any ability to post to Craigslist.

    How can I 'change' my IP address when I have a shared static IP address?

    Here are the details:
    * With my old WISP, I could post once a week or so, on Craigslist.
    * My old WISP shared my static IP address with about 50 others
    * Long ago, I had learned to obey the rules as multiple posts and/or
    flags get you ghosted and you have to freeze that account until they
    release you
    * The point is, I am pretty good at keeping within their rules so that my
    weekly posts actually showed up on Craigslist

    Then I switched WISP providers:
    - The 'only' thing that changed was my IP address!
    - My new WISP also shares my static IP address with about 50 others
    - But now, no matter what I try, Craigslist has every attempt ghosted
    - I've tried a new account, old accounts, waiting weeks, etc.

    As far as I can tell, there is someone ELSE on that static IP range that
    is being ghosted - and - since Craigslist can't tell the difference -
    anybody on that static IP is ghosted.

    I tried to test this by using a Starbucks; but that too was ghosted ...
    and I tried a (slow as a dog) TOR site - which also was ghosted - but
    then I figured all Starbucks & common TOR sites are probably ghosted en
    masse ... so I went to a friends' house and voila!

    My account was no longer ghosted!

    But, back at starbucks, at TOR sites, and at home, it's ghosted. Sigh.

    From all this (started around Christmas so it's been about a month of
    testing) ... I tentatively conclude that my WISP-provided static IP
    address is on the list of bad ones for Craigslist.

    I wrote them a note but all I received back was an automated bounceback.

    It's not a life-or-death problem - but - from a technical standpoint -
    the question is interesting to me ... and maybe you've solved it?

    Q: Is there any other way to temporarily change your WISP-provided static
    IP address?
    Chuck Banshee, Jan 17, 2012
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  2. Chuck Banshee

    miso Guest

    Forgive my ignorance here, but does ghost mean using different names
    with the same IP address? I've only sold on Craigs once, so I don't know
    the ins and outs.

    Stanford U has/had a free proxy list, but it seems to me if this is a
    craigslist issue, those proxies would be used by now. I'd actually
    contact Craigs and see what they suggest rather than try to spoof the
    miso, Jan 17, 2012
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  3. I'm sorry for not explaining what ghosting is.

    If the IP address you are posting from is flagged in their system for any
    reason (I suspect that's my problem), then Craigslist doesn't ban that IP
    or even respond back with an error message.

    What Craigslist does is respond totally normally to the posting.

    But ... Craigslist actually does absolutely nothing.

    The post is ghosted. It 'looks' to you like it posted. In every way,
    shape and form. Except that it actually doesn't show up at all on
    Craigslist. It's ghosted.

    Craigslist even provides you a URL to your post - but of course, that URL
    works fine for you when you click on it from your account or email - but
    nobody else on the planet actually sees that post.

    Ghosting has been around for a few years so it's not a new thing. It's
    just that I suspect (given the tests I've done over the last month), that
    the IP address that I'm sharing with 50 other people is problematic to

    It's not worth a lot of money (I can live without posting to Craigslist)
    - but it's a technical problem of interest to figure out how to change my
    IP address when I have a static IP address.

    I'm reading up on some of the for-pay VPN servers to see if they provide
    a separate IP address. I don't need the encryption - I just need the IP
    address though.
    Chuck Banshee, Jan 18, 2012
  4. Chuck Banshee

    miso Guest

    Have you tried
    I can neither confirm nor deny I used it to watch a show in a country
    that rhymes with United Kingdom.

    BTW, craigs is down for the Wednesday protest.
    miso, Jan 18, 2012
  5. As you noted, Craigslist is down for the day (SOPA protest) so I used
    that web site above to go to

    It returned the following:
    IP Information:
    Suspected Network Sharing Device
    City: Chicago, Illinois

    I'll try it (on Thursday) though.
    Chuck Banshee, Jan 18, 2012
  6. Chuck Banshee

    Char Jackson Guest

    I'd be willing to bet what you described earlier will be the case,
    that just about any freely available proxy service is going to suffer
    the ghost treatment at craigslist. Let us know, though.
    Char Jackson, Jan 18, 2012
  7. Chuck Banshee

    NotMe Guest

    Gives a spash screen with the info then allow up to proceed to the normal

    NotMe, Jan 18, 2012
  8. I'd almost bet the mortgage on that too!

    I'd bet all the free proxy servers are already on the blacklist.,
    especially since the tested proxy server seems to show up as a "Suspected
    Network Sharing Device" in whatismyipaddress.

    But, at least that gives us a potential test.

    I could do a search of proxy servers to find one that does NOT show up as
    a 'suspected network sharing device'.

    Of course, my leaning would be to tell everyone so they can make use of
    that information if they too have a problematic IP address. But, of
    course, that would be self defeating.

    I'll keep looking. I might also ask the WISP to do something about it.
    Chuck Banshee, Jan 18, 2012
  9. Chuck Banshee

    miso Guest

    If you know anyone with a hosted website, there are php programs to act
    like a proxy. I suggest PHP because most websites allow PHP code to be
    uploaded. I never did this myself, so I have no first hand experience. I
    assume your wisp gives you a little bit of storage on their system. You
    may be able to upload the PHP code on their system. Of course, you would
    hope the IP address is different.
    I think this is one.
    miso, Jan 20, 2012
  10. Chuck Banshee

    miso Guest

    Opera is a proxied web browser. Maybe that will get around the IP
    address problem.
    miso, Jan 20, 2012
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