Non-working D-Link DSL 300G+ modem

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Dominic, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. Dominic

    Dominic Guest

    Have got one of the above, but can't seem to access the configuration
    screen - does anyone who has used this mdoem have any useful suggestions as
    to what could be wrong. All network settings etc. correct, and the modem
    will sync' if plugged into an ADSL line, but cannot ping or access web

    Have tried resetting etc.

    Dominic, Aug 18, 2004
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    Username :- admin
    Password :- (think) admin (or blank)

    Hope this helps..
    Rodney Trotter, Aug 18, 2004
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  3. Dominic

    Dominic Guest

    Not really to be honest, I have got (and read) the manual. When I say I
    can't access it I'm not talking about authentication.

    Thanks for trying though
    Dominic, Aug 18, 2004
  4. Dominic

    poster Guest

    If you cannot ping, then could it have gone back to a factory default ?
    I know some routers seem to be on (I can never remember,
    so I set everything on my LAN to be 10.x.x.x and the routers I have, by
    luck, happen to need to be pinged to wake them initially).

    Sorry, no knowledge of that D-Link unit, but just from my use of ISDN
    and ADSL routers, have seen infrequent 'cannot connect' cases... Peter
    poster, Aug 18, 2004
  5. Dominic

    Dominic Guest

    Thanks. I would expect any router to be on one of the reserved IP ranges for
    private networks (192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, etc), but to be honest I haven't
    actually tried pinging it anything but the 192.168 range, since that's what
    it's supposed to use. Could have changed somehow, will give it a go.

    Dominic, Aug 18, 2004
  6. Dominic

    poster Guest

    I only use 10.x.x.x as I can use any combination and it is easy to
    remember. I must check manuals if there's a 19x.xx.xx.xx address...
    every time! So I switch to 10.x.x.x whenever possible :) Peter M.
    poster, Aug 18, 2004
  7. Dominic

    Paul King Guest

    The DLink DSL-300G+ only has - its not changeable. However, if
    (like me) you have it configured in "bridge" mode you wont be able to get to
    the configuration screen unless you unplug it from any router (assuming that
    it *IS* plugged into a router) and plug it directly into your PC.

    Paul King, Aug 18, 2004
  8. Dominic

    Dominic Guest

    Thanks that does help. Anyone want a free modem? :)

    Dominic, Aug 18, 2004
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