Nokia Marks WiMAX Milestone with Nokia Flexi WiMAX Base Station

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Knowing About, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Nokia announced the Nokia Flexi WiMAX Base Station, an innovation that
    will revolutionize the way broadband wireless networks will be built
    while minimizing operating and capital expenditures for broadband
    wireless operators. The introduction of the Nokia Flexi WiMAX Base
    Station shows Nokia's engagement in mobile WiMAX and is rooted in the
    company's global expertise in wireless network deployments.

    Operators will benefit from the small and modular design of the Nokia
    Flexi WiMAX Base Station, which can optimize the costs of siting and
    operating WiMAX infrastructure. The compact size and light weight
    design of the base station modules minimizes the space needed, power
    consumption, and physical effort to install and run high quality WiMAX
    networks, and uses existing or new base station sites efficiently. It
    can be installed both indoors and outdoors and does not require air
    conditioning. Furthermore, its modularity will allow for easy capacity
    upgrades as traffic increases.

    The Nokia Flexi WiMAX Base Station will be commercially available for
    the 2.5 GHz band at the end of 2007 and for 3.5 GHz in 1Q 2008.
    WiMAX-capable Nokia mobile devices are expected to be available in

    "As the world is going wireless we believe the Nokia Flexi WiMAX Base
    Station offers broadband operators an easy and trusted way to offer
    wireless Internet connectivity to their customers anytime, anywhere,"
    says Ari Lehtoranta, Senior Vice President, Radio Networks, Nokia.
    "Nokia is a strong believer in having a multiradio strategy that
    gives operators a future-proof solution and the flexibility to choose
    different technologies as they evolve."

    The Nokia Flexi WiMAX Base Station is part of Nokia's overall mobile
    WiMAX solution, which complements its current solutions to operators in
    cellular radio access technologies. Nokia's WiMAX solution includes
    unique end-to-end infrastructure capabilities with radio and core
    network solutions along with a comprehensive services business
    solutions portfolio. Nokia Services include fluent processes for
    planning, building, optimizing, maintaining networks, integrating
    end-user services to the network as well as taking on greater
    responsibilities for service delivery through managed service
    operations. Nokia's mobile WiMAX solution is designed to work
    seamlessly with Nokia Unified Core Networks and IP Multimedia

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    Knowing About, Oct 13, 2006
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