No caps, low cost and short contract is this the best ?

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by chester, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. chester

    chester Guest

    Found these people:

    They are offering a 512k for 18.99 on a three month contract with no
    caps, sign up is 29 quid

    I can migrate for 99p and get my first month free too, still with a
    three month contract

    1 meg is 25.99

    2 meg is 35.49

    Is the 2 meg worth the extra tenner a month ?

    Is this the best price out there for unlimted, no caps, no
    restrictions on P2P etc ?

    A mate of mine uses them and says they are good but I want to find
    someone cheaper so I can get one over on him, he always does this to
    me :D

    Anyway of getting out of a BT contract early ? 12 months seems like
    forever.. only have 6 weeks to go now ..
    chester, Jul 25, 2004
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