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Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by Jacko, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Jacko

    Jacko Guest

    I have a VirginMedia modem that supplies my connection to the
    Internet. I connect an Ethernet cable to a Sitecom wireless router
    (this has a 4-port hub), which I have a laptop connecting to the
    router wirelessly and a XBox 360 connecting wired. Both the laptop and
    the XBox connect fine to the Internet using the router's DHCP and
    through to the cable modem from Virgin Media. I'm happy with this set
    up but this is restrictive to the length of cable or the wireless
    signal so I want to expand using wires.

    I have purchased a networking over mains kit so that I can connect a
    PC from my back room to the front of the house by connecting 1 mains
    Ethernet plug to the Sitecom router and the other mains Ethernet plug
    to the PC. This works fine and connects to the Internet because it is
    just another client connecting to my Sitecom router through to the
    VirginMedia cable modem.

    What I now want to do is connect several PCs in my back room so was
    thinking of getting a 4-port hub. In my thinking I can keep the
    networking over mains plug in the Sitecom router but instead of
    connecting the other networking mains plug to a single PC, I would
    connect it to a hub. From there, I would connect several PCs to the
    Hub. Thus my question is, can you use networking over mains to act as
    a bridge between the Sitecom router and the hub to not only connect to
    each other but act as an internet network and also allow any PC
    connected to the hub to have Internet connection. The Internet
    connection from a PC connected to the hub would take a path of:
    - The PC is connected to the hub via an Ethernet cable to a spare
    - The Hub (using the uplink port) is connected via an Ethernet cable
    to networking over mains plug
    - The other networking over mains plug is connected via an Ethernet
    cable to the Sitecom router.
    - The Sitecom router is connected via an Ethernet cable to the Virgin
    Media cable modem.

    All PCs are using Win XP Pro and would be all be part of the same
    workgroup to enable file sharing.

    Is this addition of the 4-port hub possible?

    Any help will be greatly appreaciated.

    Jacko, Oct 29, 2008
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