Network Neighbourhood sees one way only!

Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by MikeR-Oz, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. MikeR-Oz

    MikeR-Oz Guest

    have a 2 PC network
    PC 1 is Win XP Pc 2 is Win 98se

    Both PC's can access the internet via router.

    I can see the win 98se PC and access its files from the XP Pc

    BUT when I choose network places on the desktop of the 98se PC it does not
    show anything??

    Why is it one way viewing and how do I correct it??
    MikeR-Oz, Dec 15, 2005
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  2. MikeR-Oz

    Malke Guest

    The most common reason for this is a misconfigured firewall. You don't
    mention what service pack level your XP machine is, but SP2 has the
    Windows Firewall enabled automatically. If you are running a
    third-party firewall, disable the WF and configure the other firewall
    to allow lan traffic as trusted. If you are only using the WF, make
    sure you've checked File & Printer Sharing on the Exceptions tab.

    If you have XP Home, this should do it. You can also run the Network
    Setup Wizard on the XP machine. Here's information from MVP Steve
    Winograd how to run the Wizard on Win98:

    Transfer this file, which contains the Wizard, from WIN XP to Windows98
    and run it on 98. You can E-mail it, burn it to a CD, etc:


    To set up Windows 98 manually, without using the Wizard, go to Control
    Panel>Network and:

    1. Add these network components if they aren't already present:

    TCP/IP protocol
    Client for Microsoft Networks
    File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

    2. Remove these network components if they're present:

    IPX/SPX protocol
    NetBEUI protocol
    Client for NetWare networks

    3. Set the workgroup name to the same name as the Windows XP computer
    uses (default for XP is MSHOME).

    4. Right-click and share any desired disks, folders, and printers.

    Malke, Dec 15, 2005
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  3. MikeR-Oz

    MikeR-Oz Guest

    Thanks - It is XP SP2 and if I disable the firewall is that a good thing??
    Or do you mean disable with some kind of parameters set?

    I used the XP CD to install the netwizard on the 98se PC

    Any more advise?

    MikeR-Oz, Dec 15, 2005
  4. MikeR-Oz

    Malke Guest

    You should never connect to the Internet without a firewall in place.
    Configure your firewall to allow the lan.

    And did you have a firewall on the Win98 machine? If so, you need to
    configure it.

    Otherwise, please post the exact text of the error message you get.
    "Sees one way only" isn't enough information to help focus your

    Malke, Dec 15, 2005
  5. MikeR-Oz

    MikeR-Oz Guest

    OK -In 98se PC (no firewalls) I have the Client for Microsoft Networks,
    TCP/IP Protocol, File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks all installed.

    under CP\Network\ The first tab has 'Primary Network Logon' => Windows
    under the Identification tab 'WorkGroups' =>>i t has MSHOME. ( the XP Sp2
    has Mshome as it's Workgroup).

    Access is 'shared level access' selected.

    The XP Pc has firewall enabled but the exceptions seem OK

    So... When I use the 98 PC and click on Neetwork Neighbourhood I get a torch
    scanning but cannot find the XP PC , I have had the ICON => 'Entire Network'
    show sometimmes but again it does not find anything when clicked and gives
    the ERROR message 'Unable to browse the network. The network is not
    accsessible. For more info ...Help index...'

    I can see however the 98 PC from the XP PC.

    MikeR-Oz, Dec 16, 2005
  6. MikeR-Oz

    Malke Guest

    You should be using Client for MS Networks instead of Windows Logon on
    Win98. After you make that change, see if you can find the Win98 box
    from the XP box by using Search>Computers on the network. The Workgroup
    doesn't matter; Windows computers do not need to be in the same
    Workgroup. Workgroup is only a cosmetic/organizational device.

    What is the structure of the network? Are you connecting both machines
    via ethernet to a wireless router? Or possibly you are connecting the
    XP box via a wireless router (since you posted in the wireless
    networking group)? Can the Win98 box access the Internet? How are IP
    addresses assigned? On the Win98 box, do Start>Run>winipcfg [enter] and
    after adjusting to the correct network device (probably your ethernet
    card), tell us the IP address and subnet. Then on the XP box, do
    Start>Run>cmd [enter]
    ipconfig /all [enter]

    to tell us the same thing.

    Have you made any shares on the Win98 box? If not, share something by
    right-clicking on it and choosing "Sharing".

    While you think about organizing the details of your network for your
    next post, you might instead want to go through this network
    troubleshooter by MVP Hans-Georg Michna:

    If you take the time to go through it, it will often pinpoint the
    problem areas.

    Malke, Dec 16, 2005
  7. MikeR-Oz

    MikeR-Oz Guest

    I appreciate all your time- I will read the article and step through all that
    is said.As I by the way -.... I have tried previously changing to Client for
    Microsoft instead of Widows log on (did'nt seem to make any difference) and
    it gave me a password screen at the boot up in which I clicked cancel and
    then it loaded te desktop. SO... Do I need to have that password log on
    screen - I would rather not.

    My Network is a Netgear Wireless Router WGR614 which connects via a cable
    to the Main PC 's NIC (XP) and a wirless WG311 NIC to the second (Win98) Both
    PC's can accsess the internet through the router and I do have sharing
    selected on the PC's. It is just that the XP can see and access files folders
    etc on the 98se but the 98se will not see anything of the network.

    Have a great Chrissy and appreciate your advice- Great to have forums and
    people like yourself able to and prepared to give up there time for newbies
    like me.

    The network

    MikeR-Oz, Dec 16, 2005
  8. MikeR-Oz

    Malke Guest

    MikeR-Oz wrote:

    Comments inline:
    Use Client for MS Networks and assign a password in Win98. Then use
    TweakUI (you'll need to Google for it and make sure you get the one for
    Win98 and not the current one which is for XP) and set Automatic Logon.
    That way you'll still see the logon box but it will be automatically
    dealt with and disappear almost immediately. You won't have to type
    anything in.
    I no longer remember all the details of what version of XP you are
    running, but I assume it is Home Edition. I should still like the
    answers to these questions that I asked you before:

    1. Can you find the Win98 box from the XP box by using Search>Computers
    on the network.

    2. On the Win98 box, do Start>Run>winipcfg [enter] and after adjusting
    to the correct network device, tell us the IP address and subnet.

    3. On the XP box, do Start>Run>cmd [enter]
    ipconfig /all [enter]

    to tell us the same thing.

    Malke, Dec 16, 2005
  9. MikeR-Oz

    Scott Guest


    I have the same problem on my Win XP Pro computer only seeing one way to my Win 98 SE
    machine. I looked for C:\Windows\System32\Netsetup.exe on my XP machine, and it's not
    there. There is a file called Netsetup (316kb) under c:\I386. Version: 6.00.2448.0000
    (Lab04_N(rahulth).010206-1320). Is this the same file?

    I'd like to try it on my Win 98 machine. Someone else told me they did the same thing,
    and even though the settings on the 98 machine looked the same, Network Neighborhood
    started working properly after running this wizard.

    Scott, Dec 17, 2005
  10. MikeR-Oz

    Scott Guest


    The only other thing different about my setup was that even though I used Client for
    Microsoft Networks, the password login box would not appear during bootup. I even removed
    Client for Microsoft and reinstalled, it but no change. Is that a clue?

    Thanks again!
    Scott, Dec 17, 2005
  11. MikeR-Oz

    Malke Guest

    Scott - Please make a new post with all your questions instead of
    tacking this onto MikeR-Oz's. It will help both of you get better
    answers. I'll look for your new post. Make sure you include the service
    pack level of all XP computers.

    Malke, Dec 17, 2005
  12. MikeR-Oz

    MikeR-Oz Guest

    Heres a thought- The 98se PC cannot see the XP because of the fat32 on 98
    and NTFS on XP - whereas the XP can see both!! I think that is the answer to
    my problem.

    i have not been able to access the system at the moment to answer all your
    other queries Malke. so I aplogise for this but the HDD format might be the
    MikeR-Oz, Dec 21, 2005
  13. MikeR-Oz

    Malke Guest

    No, I'm sorry to burst the bubble but the file system of particular
    drives makes no difference over a network at all. Win9x/ME can't see
    NTFS drives locally; i.e., if you were dual-booting the older OS's
    wouldn't see the newer XP NTFS one. For instance on my network I
    transfer files and share printers going from Win95, Win98, Win2k, WinXP
    Pro/Home, and Linux without any problem. I even had a Mac on here for a

    Malke, Dec 21, 2005
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