Netgear WGT634U Can't Acquire IP Address from CM

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Karen McDonald, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Following a recent Windows XP Pro update my Netgear WGT634U Wireless
    Storage Router will not acquire an IP address from my cable modem.
    I've tried all the fixes suggested in the manual and on Netgear's site
    (resetting/switching off, then on again etc.) but now I cannot access
    the router at all - either via cable or wireless. Anything else I
    should try?

    How can you get into the router if it won't pick up an IP address from
    the modem?

    Karen McDonald, Dec 17, 2005
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  2. Karen McDonald

    Reggy Guest

    Have you tried without the firewall ?.
    Reggy, Dec 17, 2005
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  3. Yes. Both Zonealarm and Windows XP firewall disabled. Still not joy.
    And the OTHER WGT634U I have on another network will not allow me to
    update the firmware to the latest version with either MSIE or Firefox.
    Karen McDonald, Dec 17, 2005
  4. Karen McDonald

    Duane Arnold Guest

    That has nothing to do with the router's inability to obtain an IP from the
    ISP (Internet Service Provider).

    The Windows XP O/S is not running on the router nor is it running on the
    Did you do a hard reset of the router holding the Reset button down 30
    seconds or longer and thne turning the router off for awhile? Maybe the
    router is just flatout broke. Did you do the reset with the modem too?
    I don't think you need an IP from the ISP to access the router's Admin
    Screens via the router's Device IP that you would enter into a browser's
    such as IE or others address line if a computer wire or wireless has a
    connection to the router..

    However, if the router is shot it's shot.

    Did you try connecting a computer to the modem and seeing if it can get an
    IP from the ISP and connect to the Internet? Maybe, the modem is gone.

    And lastly, did you pay the Internet bill?

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Dec 17, 2005
  5. Yes. Both. Till I'm blue in the face ;-) Modem/router/PC as per the
    It's kinda looking that way I guess.
    Yes. Modem is okay. I even swapped PCs and tried my laptop. But it
    can't access the router either though it's okay connected directly to
    the cable modem. Since I last posted I now have another Netgear router
    (not a wireless one) wired to the same connection using the same PC
    and everything is AOK. So, I suppose it has to be the router huh? The
    guy at Netgear support said a firmware upgrade should solve the
    problem. But, as I can't get into the router, I'm sort of stuck
    Of course :) As evinced above...

    Much obliged for all your suggestions Duane. Appreciated.

    Karen McDonald, Dec 17, 2005
  6. You can set a static (fixed) IP address on your XP Pro machine and
    avoid using the DHCP server. I recently had a mess where there were
    three DHCP servers running on a network. My job was to find the other
    two and strangle the perpetrators. I couldn't get on the LAN to find
    these without setting a static IP address on my laptop.

    There's something wrong with your description. The WGT634U has two
    sides, the WAN (wide area network also known as the internet) and the
    LAN (local area network). To connect to the internet via the cable
    modem, the WGT634U DHCP client gets an IP address from the cable ISP.
    You need that to surf the web, but NOT to talk to the WGT634U for
    configuration. Failure at the WAN side has no effect on the LAN side
    of the WGT634U. If working normally, you could unplug the cable modem
    and still be able to configure the WGT634.

    On the LAN side, the WGT634U acts as a DHCP server (not client) which
    assigns IP addresses to your XP Pro client machine. You need that to
    talk to the WGT634. I think that's what you mean is failing. You can
    check if it's working by running:
    Start -> Run -> cmd <enter>
    If the IP address of your XP Pro machine is, then it's
    working. Just point your web browser to the IP address of the
    "gateway" and you should see the Netgear setup screen. If it says, then the DHCP server didn't deliver an IP address to
    your XP Pro client and something is amis. If it says, wait
    about 30 seconds and try again. It's busy.

    You might wanna try just plugging the XP Pro box directly into the
    WGT634U with a CAT5 cable and see if it works. That will temporarily
    eliminate the wireless from the puzzle. If that works, then there's
    something wrong with the wireless configuration. The traditional
    problem is a mismatched WEP or WPA key. Try it with encryption turned
    Jeff Liebermann, Dec 17, 2005
  7. You initial post suggested that you had upgraded WP, I gather from this
    post that you actually upgraded the firmware on the 634. In that case
    you may have had a problem with the upgrade. It is possible to restart
    the upgrade but it requires opening the box, and attaching a serial
    cable though a little adapter to 4 pins. Details can be found on the
    OpenWRT and OpenWGT websites (google will find them). You can then
    reload the firmware. Alternatively Netgear can also do this but may
    charge you rather a lot to do it.

    Usenet Zone Free Binaries Usenet Server
    More than 140,000 groups
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    David Goodenough, Dec 18, 2005
  8. Thanks Jeff. I just found your post. The problem has been fixed with a
    new firmware upgrade. Musta been summat to do with a recent WINXP or
    ZONEALARM upgrade that did for it last week. However...

    What a bother upgrading the firmware. After an hour on the phone to
    India, Netgear guy finally speaks to someone in charge who tells him
    that the WGT634U router firmware MUST be upgraded sequentially. In
    other words you can't go from, say, STRAIGHT TO You
    have to do all the ones in between the two extremes. As it was I got
    away with FIRST upgrading to the one immediately BEFORE the latest one
    and it all worked OK.

    Much obliged for your input, which I have filed away for future

    Karen McDonald, Dec 19, 2005
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