Netgear WG511T driver v3.6.0 package contains v3601, not v3600 - confusing and perhaps problematic

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Ken Grady, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Ken Grady

    Ken Grady Guest

    Hello WGT624/WG511T users,

    Once again Netgear has dropped the ball and let quality assurance sink
    to near-zero!

    Today (2004.04.09) Netgear posted a new driver (v3.6.0), which many of
    us have been waiting for. Here is the URL you can read to see that
    there are some fixes that we have been waiting for (like 108-Auto
    really working for once).
    which leads you to

    That driver upgrade sounds great, but there's just one problem, it was
    packaged incorrectly!

    The contains ONLY a wg511tv3601 driver (3601 is
    apparently a special case driver) and NO wg511tv3600 driver, the
    driver you thought you were downloading. As of now (and this could
    change by the time you read this), if you download the v3.6.0 driver,
    you will be downloading the file which when extracted
    has TWO and ONLY TWO files wg511tv3601.txt and wg511tv3601.exe – there
    will be NO file named wg511tv3600.*

    Below is the listing of wg511tv3601.txt. Read the first line! It is
    amazing that Netgear ships broken 108-technology in the first place
    and they goof-up like this when they do post a driver update to
    hopefully give us stable 108-performance (30-40mbps real-world). It
    will be interesting to see how long it takes for them (and that means
    crappy tech-support in India) to discover this blunder. I have
    notified them, but who knows if that will do any good as I am sure
    they will dismiss my tech-support request as me just being a goofy
    clueless end-user.

    I am not sure if the 3601 driver is safe to use, based on what the
    first-line of wg511tv3601.txt says. I don't have the "100% CPU
    utilization maxed out" bug, but I will try it, just after I image my
    XP Pro system partition - just in case

    - Good luck


    WG511T Software Version 3.6.0
    WG511T Software Version 3.6.0
    Added features since last official release WG511Tv340


    Here are the contents of wg511tv3601.txt,
    the only txt file inside,
    as of 2004.04.09, the day of its initial posting
    at Netgear.


    (READ ME FIRST) IMPORTANT: Use this release ( ONLY when your
    system has the 100% CPU utilization maxed out issue on a certain ENE
    controllers. Otherwise, use the version "" on
    Netgear's website instead. !!!

    Release Note for WG511T Software Release

    Driver Version:
    Utility Version:

    What's new in this release (from 3.4.0):

    1. Solved CPU utilization maxed out to 100% on certain ENE PCMCIA

    2. Solved "Connection Speed" at 108Mbps when connecting at "Auto
    108" with 108Mbps capable routers (WGT624, WGT634U)

    3. Added non-admin user account support. (*)

    Now supports accounts:

    XP Comupter administrator account,
    XP Limited account,
    2000 Administrator
    2000 Backup Operators
    2000 Guests
    2000 Power Users
    2000 Replicator
    2000 Users (Limited Users)

    Note: The following features are not available for the "non-admin"
    accounts and are grayed out in the utility:

    * Profile (Save or delete) and
    * Fragmentatioin Threshold and RTS/CTS Threshold in the Advanced

    Known Issues:
    - If using WPA-PSK or WEP in Win98 or Win Me, the computer may need a
    complete shutdown and reboot in order to have a stable wireless

    - Selecting "108Mb 802.11g" alone does not connect to "Auto 108" on
    WGT624 or WGT634U.
    (Workaround: "Check" another Wireless Mode (54Mb or 11Mb) besides
    "108Mb 802.11g" on WG511T When trying to connect to "Auto 108" on

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Unzip and run the WG511Tv360.exe,
    2. Choose Remove (only selection active) and Finish the removal
    3. Re-Run WG511Tv360.exe
    4. Follow the steps to complete the installation.

    Ken Grady, Apr 10, 2004
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