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Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Filthy Rich, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Filthy Rich

    Colum Mylod Guest

    Not true except if paying too much for London-Birmingham calls (which
    might be true with a handle like Filthy Rich!). I pay 1p/min for all
    normal calls but can't get 0870 for less than 5p/min. 1p/min nat'l & local calls + 1p connection rate
    870 calls: 5p/min with

    BT overcharges normal calls but even so discounts them to less than
    the rates for 870. And part of 845/870 call costs go to the called
    party = what premium rates are all about. It might only be pennies but
    it's not the same as London-Birmingham.

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    Colum Mylod, Apr 8, 2004
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  2. Filthy Rich

    ejmfufhgds Guest

    You mean genuine fantasy, don't you?
    And you are a complete and utter lying whore you filthy slut hole
    Netgear shill...
    ejmfufhgds, Apr 9, 2004
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  3. Filthy Rich

    Lucas Tam Guest

    You have problems.
    Lucas Tam, Apr 9, 2004
  4. Filthy Rich

    shope Guest

    technically you are both right.

    An 0870 number (in the UK) is a national rate number, but may go anywhere -
    not tied to a specific geographic part of the country.

    The notional "list price" cost is the same as a geographic call, but the
    discounting is different.

    Most phone deals give you cheaper national rate calls - but when you read
    the small print they are restricted to geographic numbers - 0870s are not

    the technical reason is that the way the numbers are handled for 0870 is
    different (probably irrelevant with modern equipment, but thats where some
    of this started).

    the economic reason is that the way that the various phone companies do
    money settlement for the part of a call they handle is different - probably
    down to the way traffic patterns processing costs have changed since the BT
    monopoly got broken up.

    the economic issue is that the phone company will normally give some of the
    call income to the owner of the 0870 number as part of the contract - and i
    suspect that is often more than the total for the cheapest national call
    rates.....all down down to competition for traffic to those big call
    shope, Apr 9, 2004
  5. Filthy Rich

    shope Guest

    Stephen Hope - remove xx from email to reply
    i have had both experiences - poor support sometimes and good at others.

    BTW - with 4 routers, couple of hubs, a print server and 10 wireless
    adaptors i havent had a hardware failure.

    hit a couple of software bugs that have been resolved with upgrades -
    wireless isses.

    i had a lot of hassle with running a router as an AP (following a doc on the
    netgear web site) - for some reason routers are cheaper than APs? although
    it worked an HP laptop would drop off the wireless every few minutes.

    I had no help from netgear, and no useful return from email or web bug
    reports, over 3 weeks. Run the router as a router and everything works fine,
    so it is some sort of software issue - given i can work around it is "good
    enough", but next time i may try another manufacturer.
    never tried the phone support - i just expected it to be difficult. i'll try
    that next time, since email doesnt seem to get answered.
    shope, Apr 9, 2004
  6. Filthy Rich

    Clive Page Guest

    Only if you are using British Telecom. Most sensible people who are
    less than filthy rich use one of the many alternative carriers, which
    charge about one sixth as much for local and national calls as BT.
    Unfortunately one cannot get cut-price 0870 calls, as these have to be
    passed on to BT (e.g. to cover the cost of passing them to India).

    After some date in June you will find that even using BT the charges for
    0870 numbers will be much higher than for ordinary national calls. So
    saying that they are not "premium rate" may be technically correct, but
    very misleading.
    Clive Page, Apr 14, 2004
  7. Filthy Rich

    Colum Mylod Guest

    Quite right. And to reinforce the idea that they *are* premium rate
    use this simple mathematical formula:

    How much would it cost to directly dial the callee using
    call18866/superline/quip/even BT? Cost = X

    How much does it cost via their 0870 number? Cost = Y

    The difference Y-X is the premium I'm scammed out of. For UK calls
    that's typically 7p/min *per caller* all of which adds up. When
    organisations like the BBC do this on top of the licence fee, start
    blood to boil!

    Headers spam-proofed. Use cmylod at bigfoot . com
    Colum Mylod, Apr 16, 2004
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