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Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by RSF, Apr 16, 2005.

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    For those who may not be aware, Netgear has instituted a policy of refusing
    technical support of any kind unless all private information is completed
    via registration. This information includes name, address, phone, email

    This is not intended as a public flame. On the other hand, creating a
    policy which institutes mandatory registration is clearly wrong, It leaves
    us with no choice but to sign up for every spam and junk mail list known to
    man. That's a blatant invasion of our privacy, and people should have the
    right to know before the purchase. More importantly this is a message that
    revealing our private information should simply remain our choice.

    The following is is a letter I sent to Netgear regarding their service
    policy. Not that I believe it will make much difference, but every voice

    To whom this should concern,

    As I look around my server room and count numerous Netgear products, I'm sad
    to say that as much as I feel your products are generally good quality,
    these will positively be my last purchases from your company. Your policy of
    extorting personal information from your customers by refusing support
    unless personal information is provided is absolutely reprehensible. If, as
    a corporation you feel that filling your mailing list is more important than
    serving your paying customers, then I will under no circumstances continue
    to serve you with my dollars.

    Let me understand this train of thought. I purchase devices from your
    company to secure my privacy, yet you feel I should relinquish my privacy as
    a requirement to receive support on a product I've paid for. Not in this
    lifetime! How arrogant? Someone over there must be prepping for a career in
    politics. Every company touts the same story, "We Don't Sell Your Personal
    Information". You know as well as I, that many do exactly that. Registration
    information is a huge market. Our information is sold in direct conflict
    with Privacy Statements every day. After all, who's to know? Certainly not
    the consumer! We, of course are left to pay the price with annoying spam and
    junk mail or worse. Since as a consumer I have no control over this
    information once it has been transmitted, the only safe course of action for
    me is no action. KEEP IT PRIVATE! This is a rule to which I strictly adhere
    and I'm pleased to say that after 20 years in the computer industry my tech
    related junk mail is ZERO. I've performed my part and paid for your product.
    What gives Netgear the right to my personal information? Are you that out of
    touch with privacy issues today?

    So Here it is. You value my name, address, and phone number. Like many
    others, I value my privacy enough to include it in my daily purchasing
    decisons as should all of us. I hold posession of my finances and as a
    consequence your router has gone back to the retailer and has been exchanged
    for a Linksys of similar features and price. I'm happy to say that my
    support questions to them were answered without incident and I'm more than
    pleased with that purchase and the service which followed.

    Finally, let me be up front. This letter will be cross posted to every
    relevent usenet tech forum, not as a flame but as a pre-sale public service
    notice. If you don't wish to give up your privacy, don't purchase Netgear.
    Those who feel as I do may be spared the lost hours of a second trip to the
    store for refund or exchange. If only a small percentage of the thousands of
    people who will read this document walk up to a person in a store holding a
    netgear box and relay these concerns, maybe you'll get the message. You
    spent good money in marketing to bring us to your products. It's a shame to
    waste it with policies that serve little purpose but to alienate us as

    Former Netgear Customer
    RSF, Apr 16, 2005
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