Netgear MA401 & Windows XP (sp2) issues (hotfix Q815485)

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Andrew Tyson, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Andrew Tyson

    Andrew Tyson Guest


    I am new to this NG, so apologies if this post is misplaced ...etc.

    Yesterday I upgraded my laptop from W2K to XP (sp2). I now have the
    problem that my WLAN is broken. I have a Netgear MA401 NIC, and a
    Netgear ME102 WAP that worked fine for three and half years under W2K.

    Doing a search on this NG amongst others it appears that the problem
    relates to a MS quickfix Q815485 that is part of the sp2 release, and
    relates to WPA encryption.

    I have read one thread that allude to the MA401 working with XP sp2,
    however no details were provided.

    For the record here are the version numbers that I'm running;

    Firmware: 1.4h.3
    USB Config app:

    Network Driver: 2.01.01
    Config Utility: 1.07.37
    NIC Firmware:

    Having rung Netgear tech support they suggest using the builtin XP
    wireless connectivity stuff, however neither the WAP nor NIC appear
    to have support for WPA, and the OS does not appear to be able to
    recognise the WAP as an available network.

    Hoping that someone out there has had some success with this. I would
    appreciate it greatly if you could contact me at;
    atyson_AT_optus_DOT_net ( where '_AT_' = '@' and '_DOT_' = '.' )

    Thanks and regards,
    Andrew Tyson, Nov 22, 2004
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  2. Andrew Tyson

    Andrew Tyson Guest


    I appear to have got it working (finally) !! For the benefit of those who
    may still
    have problems here is the configuration that appears to work;

    Start->Control Panel->Network Connections

    On the 'Wireless Networks' tab *uncheck* 'Use Windows to configure my
    network connections'.

    I have enabled 128 bit WEP encrytion, and ensured that a consistent key is
    for use between the WAP and the NIC (although 64 bit WEP also works). On the
    USB configuration 'Operational Settings' I set the 'Preamble Type' to 'Short
    preamble' (all
    other settings are default).

    In order to get the NIC working I right clicked on the WLAN connection under

    Start->Control Panel->Network Connections

    and clicked 'Repair' which appeared to get the connection up and running.
    Indeed every time
    that there is a reconfiguration of the WAP or NIC this appears the best way
    to get things up and running

    Andrew Tyson, Nov 23, 2004
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