NEED help with DNS / IIS Please

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Guest, Jun 4, 2004.

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    Guest Guest

    We just switched from hosting our own website to a hosted
    service. I've created a host name record that when
    someone internally types it goes out to
    our website instead of hitting the one on our old server.

    I know need to have the old server act as a testing
    server. I created a new host record But
    when I try to access it it goes to the wrong folder in my
    inetpub directory.

    Also if I try to go to the website
    by //servername/webfolder/index.html I can access the
    main index page but then when I try to go
    to //servername/webfolder/testfolder I get a "Directory
    Listing error"

    Your help is really appreciated.
    Guest, Jun 4, 2004
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  2. Go to the Properties of the particular site in IIS and set the Home
    Directory to what you want it to be. If there is more than one site and the
    machine has multiple IP#s then make sure the particular site is set to the
    right IP# in the General (Web site) Properties.

    If you are going to the main root of the site you should never have to
    include a folder name or any file name, that is why you want the Home
    Directory setting pointing to the right "starting point".

    You also want to set the Documents setting to be correct. You can list any
    files here and it will try them in the order they are listed when there is
    no filename given in the URL. You list may look similar to:


    You can make them whatever you want and and adjust the order around,... it
    will take them in order from the top down until if finds a match. If it
    does not find a match in the folder then it will attempt "directory
    browsing" mode. If directory browsing isn't allowed you will then get a
    "directory listing" or a "browsing not allowed" error.

    You can even have a distinct "Documents" setting for every subfolder in the
    site as well if you want to. You can also turn Directory Browsing on or off
    separately for each subfolder as well.


    Phillip Windell [MCP, MVP, CCNA]

    Phillip Windell, Jun 4, 2004
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  3. Guest

    Jeff Cochran Guest

    These are IIS issues, not DNS issues. Repost in the IIS group.

    Jeff Cochran, Jun 4, 2004
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