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    I am studying for the CCNA certificate and would appreciate any help you can
    provide for this practice CCNA Quiz.


    Multiple Choice

    Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or
    answers the question.

    A dual-ring topology is used by ____, which is a LAN standard for a
    100-Mbps token-passing network that is not using CAT 5 UTP cable.
    a. Ethernet c. Fiber Distributed Data Interface
    b. Fast Ethernet d. ATM

    In which type of topology is every node linked directly to every other
    a. Star c. Ring
    b. Bus d. Mesh

    Which type of topology uses overlapping rings of wireless communications?
    a. Cellular c. Bus
    b. Token-Ring d. Hybrid

    There are five key requirements of a scalable network. They are
    "reliability and availability", "responsiveness", "____", "adaptability",
    and "accessibility and security."
    a. unique c. speed
    b. efficiency d. data storage

    Access methods are those combined standards and ____ that define how data
    signaling will be placed on and moved through the physical layer of the
    a. rules c. FCC guidelines
    b. protocols d. services

    TCP/IP is a ____ protocol.
    a. lower level c. Layer 1
    b. upper level d. Layer 2

    ____ is a LAN transport protocol that was developed by Xerox Corporation in
    the early 1970s.
    a. FDDI c. Ethernet
    b. Token-Bus d. ATM

    The 10-Mbps Ethernet protocol is a ____ shared media protocol.
    a. half duplex c. phased duplex
    b. full duplex d. frequency duplex

    The IEEE ____ standard is the original Ethernet Frame type.
    a. 802.5 c. 802.7
    b. 802_II d. 802.3

    ____ is an access method, or protocol, that was originally developed by IBM
    in the 1970s to connect its mainframes and minicomputers.
    a. Ethernet c. ATM
    b. Token Ring d. DIX

    Layer 4's primary functions are to ____ the flow of information from source
    to destination, reliably and accurately.
    a. encrypt c. regulate
    b. compress d. none of the choices are correct

    When sending digital data out on a network, reliability is an issue.
    Reliability is basically a matter of numbering (sequencing) the data items,
    sending them out in order, and acknowledging them as they arrive. TCP
    numbers bytes and SPX numbers ____.
    a. bits c. frames
    b. megabytes d. packets

    Forward Acknowledgement involves sending an acknowledgement number ____ the
    last sequence number received to indicate that the sender and receiver are
    ready for that item.
    a. one larger than c. twice the value of
    b. one smaller than d. three times the value of

    A major repercussion of network congestion is that data is ____.
    a. compressed c. redirected
    b. discarded d. archived

    The networks ability to grow as the organization's requirements change with
    a minimum of disruption and loss of resources is known as ____.
    a. expandability c. upgradability
    b. scalability d. dynamic ability

    There are five key requirements to meet in designing networks. They are
    reliability, responsiveness, efficiency, accessibility, and ____.
    a. upgradability c. user-friendly interface
    b. scalability d. adaptability

    Designing a network to efficiently allocate resources often involves
    restricting unnecessary traffic to preserve ____ for the necessary traffic.
    a. processing power c. bandwidth
    b. memory d. disk space

    A properly designed network must have capabilities to support the
    industry-standard WAN technologies efficiently and with a reliable level of
    a. security c. bandwidth
    b. availability d. memory

    Cisco recommends a ____-layer hierarchical model to define the data
    distribution process.
    a. two c. seven
    b. three d. four

    The hierarchical model includes the core layer, the ____ layer, and the
    access layer.
    a. processing c. distribution
    b. cached d. transport

    The ____ layer connects network segments, possibly representing departments
    or buildings, with core layer services.
    a. transport c. distribution
    b. access d. network

    In the past few years, LANs have evolved from ____-based networks to the
    higher-bandwidth switch-based environments.
    a. router c. MUX
    b. bridge d. hub

    Network ____ provide the vast majority of network services and resources,
    which include user authentication and network security, to name two.
    a. clients c. servers
    b. databases d. applications

    Servers can be divided into two categories: ____ servers and workgroup
    a. enterprise c. tier
    b. local d. network centric

    The router configuration is stored in ____ and loaded into RAM as part of
    the router startup process.
    a. Non-Volatile Random Access Memory c. L1 cache
    b. Volatile RAM d. ROM

    If there is no configuration to load from NVRAM, the program will take the
    user to the ____ mode to start the configuration process.
    a. configuration c. self configuration
    b. manual install d. autoinstall

    The ____ command is short for enable.
    a. E c. EB
    b. EN d. ER

    The ____ refers to the network number where the subnet binary values are
    all zeros.
    a. ip net-zero c. ip net
    b. ip subnet-zero d. ip net-zero

    Which console command will not forward directed broadcasts?
    a. ip directed-broadcast c. no ip directed-broadcast
    b. null ip directed broadcast d. @no ip directed-broadcast

    If you make an error when attempting to reconfigure the router, you can
    restore from the last saved copy by running a ____ command.
    a. load c. reset
    b. reboot d. reload

    To configure an interface, we first go to ____ configuration mode and then
    we define the interface that we want to configure with a command such as
    "interface ethernet0" for the first Ethernet interface.
    a. local c. global
    b. remote d. advanced

    It is possible to assign additional ____ addresses to an interface by
    adding the secondary parameter to the entry.
    a. MAC c. IPX
    b. IP d. physical

    Examining the syntax below, which type of cable would you likely be using?

    interface Ethernet0

    ip address

    no ip directed-broadcast

    media-type 10BaseT
    a. Twisted Pair c. Coaxial
    b. Fiber d. STP

    Configuring a Token Ring interface is very similar to configuring an
    Ethernet interface, except that you must also set the ring speed, which
    amounts to choosing between 4 and ____ Mbps.
    a. 10 c. 100
    b. 8 d. 16

    ACLs are network ____ specific.
    a. protocol c. centric
    b. service d. none of the choices are correct

    ACLs are numbered or ____.
    a. mapped c. lettered
    b. linked d. named

    If an ACL is numbered, the number indicates the ____ used.
    a. service c. IP address
    b. frame type d. protocol

    There are two types of access lists: standard and ____.
    a. custom c. enhanced
    b. extended d. complex

    ____ is the special command used to apply an access list to an interface.
    a. Work group c. Domain group
    b. Access group d. Logical group

    Every access list is made up of one or more access list lines or
    statements. Each statement contains the permit or ____ command.
    a. pass c. deny
    b. restrict d. inhibit

    By default, ____ are wide open to any packets traveling in either
    a. protocols c. services
    b. interfaces d. routers

    The word ____ is an ACL keyword that means all hosts in all networks.
    a. all c. global
    b. many d. any

    ACLs are processed in a ____ manner, meaning that the first statement is
    processed fully; if there is no match, then the next statement is processed
    until all statements are completed.
    a. top-down c. random
    b. bottom-up d. priority

    One of the more common LAN architectures currently in use is ____.
    a. Token Ring c. Banyan Vine
    b. Ethernet d. Windows for Workgroups

    To prevent two devices from transmitting at the same time on a shared
    medium, Ethernet 802.3 has defined the ____ access method.
    a. ATM c. CSMD/CA
    b. FDDI d. CSMA/CD

    The extent to which collisions are propagated is known as the collision
    a. group c. frequency
    b. domain d. metric

    LAN ____ are highly flexible devices that play a crucial role in the
    success of today's modern network infrastructures.
    a. hubs c. switches
    b. concentrators d. gateways

    LAN switches are essentially multiport bridges that forward frames based on
    ____ addresses.
    a. MAC c. IPX
    b. IP d. SPX

    The process of learning and switching a packet based on its MAC address is
    referred to as Layer ____ switching.
    a. 1 c. 3
    b. 2 d. 4

    With Layer 3 switching, packets can be forwarded based not only on their
    Layer 2 addresses but also on their Layer 3 addresses. This added
    functionality is referred to as ____
    a. bridging c. routing
    b. switching d. forwarding

    Ports 20 and 21 are assigned for ____ services.
    a. Telnet c. HTTP
    b. FTP d. ICMP

    What port number is assigned to Web-type access?
    a. 80 c. 21
    b. 23 d. 99

    With Layer 4 and Layer 5 switching, the ability to make forwarding
    decisions based on port numbers can be of significant use to such
    applications as ____ and Quality of Service (QoS).
    a. accounting c. security
    b. Logs d. monitoring

    The ____ is the device that connects the customer's ISDN network with the
    CO ISDN Switch.
    a. Router c. Terminator
    b. switch d. NT1

    ____ series protocols Specify ISDN concepts and interfaces.
    a. I c. A
    b. J d. P

    Relative to DDR, only ____ traffic can reset the idle timer.
    a. not interesting c. interesting
    b. priority d. urgent

    Relative to DDR, there is an idle ____ placed on the link whenever
    interesting traffic is not sent.
    a. packet c. timer
    b. Bit d. byte

    The ISDN CO needs to have a unique identification number for each BRI B
    channel that it assigns to its customers. This identification number is
    referred to as a ____.
    a. PRID c. RIN
    b. SPID d. MAC

    The Frame Relay protocol was built without robust reliability and must
    therefore rely on ____-layer protocols and services to implement general
    reliability features such as error correction and flow control.
    a. lower c. middle
    b. upper d. physical

    The end-to-end Frame Relay link established between two CPEs is referred to
    as a ____ circuit.
    a. logical c. state ready
    b. physical d. virtual

    Frame Relay virtual circuits are identified by what's known as a ____.
    a. socket c. Service
    b. DLCI d. ISP

    All data packets transmitted on a VC contain a DLCI in the packets Frame
    Relay ____.
    a. header c. CRC field
    b. trailer d. buffer field

    LMI frames can contain one of two message types: status and status ____.
    a. notification c. inquiry
    b. polling d. queuing

    One way to accomplish this task of mapping remote routers to local DLCIs is
    to use Inverse ____.
    a. IP c. WINs
    b. MAC d. ARP

    Your trainee is configuring a router. In particular, he is examining a
    routing table that contains static, RIP, and IGRP routes for the same
    destination network with each set to its default administrative distance. He
    asks you which route will be used to forward data?
    a. The IGRP route c. The RIP route
    b. The static route d. All three will load balance.

    David, your XyzCorp trainee, asks you about basic characteristics of
    switches and hubs for network connectivity. What should you tell him?
    a. Switches take less time to process frames than hubs take.
    b. Switches do not forward broadcasts.
    c. Hubs can filter frames.
    d. Using hubs can increase the amount of bandwidth available to hosts.
    e. Switches increase the number of collision domains in the network.

    A technician are configuring a router named XyzCorp2. Why does she use
    passive-interface command?
    a. Allows a routing protocol to forward updates out an interface that is
    missing its IP address.
    b. Allows a router to send routing updates on an interface but not receive
    updates via that interface.
    c. Allows an interface to remain up without receiving keep alives.
    d. Allows a router to receive routing updates on an interface but not send
    updates via that interface.

    Your XyzCorp trainee Jack wants to display the configuration register
    setting on her router. Which command should she use?
    a. show register c. show boot
    b. show flash d. show version

    You work as network administrator/technician at XyzCorp. You are
    configuring Frame Relay on a Cisco router. What is the default LMI (Local
    Management Interface) frame type transmitted by the Cisco router on a Frame
    Relay circuit?
    a. Q933a
    b. B8ZS
    c. IETF
    d. Cisco
    e. ANSI

    You have subnetted the network with a /24 mask. Your boss at
    XyzCorp wants to know how many usable sub networks and usable host addresses
    per subnet this would provide. What should you tell her?
    a. 1 network with 254 hosts c. 4 networks with 64 hosts
    b. 2 networks with 128 hosts d. 6 networks with 30 hosts

    XyzCorp , a fast growing company with one central headquarters site and 3
    regional offices, is looking for a scalable WAN technology. Current plans
    include adding an additional 7 regional offices with all sites requiring
    continuous connectivity. The current HQ router has no free ports. Which of
    the following WAN technologies would meet XyzCorp's requirements?
    a. Dedicated PPP/HDLC links c. ISDN-BRI
    b. Frame Relay d. ADSL

    You work as a network technician at XyzCorp. You are configuring a E0
    interface connected to the LAN on a Cisco router. You apply
    the following access list to the interface. access-list 123 deny tcp eq 20 any access list 123 deny tcp
    eq 21 any What consequence will this access list have?
    a. All traffic will be allowed to exit E0 except FTP traffic.
    b. FTP traffic from to any host will be denied.
    c. FTP traffic from to any host will be denied.
    d. All traffic exiting E0 will be denied.

    As a network technician at XyzCorp you are configuring access lists on an
    interface of a Cisco router. You use multiple access lists. Which of the
    following statements are valid? (Select one)
    a. There is no limit to the number of access lists that can be applied to an
    interface, as long as they are applied in order from most specific to most
    b. Cisco IOS allows only one access list to be applied to an interface.
    c. One access list may be configured per direction for each Layer 3 protocol
    configured on an interface.
    d. No more than two access lists can be applied to a single interface.

    Roger is setting up WAN connectivity between the XyzCorp New York and the
    XyzCorp Tokyo offices. He uses a uses two data link layer encapsulations,
    one for data and one for signaling. Which WAN Service does he use?
    a. ISDN c. ATM
    b. Frame Relay d. FDDI

    You have segmented a network into two separate segments, segment 1 and
    segment2, with a Cisco router. Your boss at XyzCorp is concerned about the
    cost, and wants to what the purpose of your action

    is. What should you tell him?
    a. It increases the number of collisions.
    b. It decreases the number of broadcast domains.
    c. It connects segment 1's broadcasts to segment 2.
    d. It prevents segment 1's broadcasts from getting to segment 2.

    Your XyzCorp trainee Bob wants some information regarding the split horizon
    rule. What should you tell him?
    a. Only routers can split boundaries (horizons) between concentric networks.
    b. All distance vector protocols require fall back routes that may cause
    momentary loops as the topology changes.
    c. Networks can only remain fully converged if all information about routes
    is sent out all active interfaces.
    d. Information about a route should not be sent back in the direction from
    which the original update came.

    You are working as a network technician at XyzCorp. You are required to
    troubleshooting the WAN link between the XyzCorp main office at Boston and
    the XyzCorp remote office at Rio De Janeiro. A Cisco router that was
    providing Frame Relay connectivity at the Rio de Janeiro site as replaced
    with a different vendor's frame relay router. Connectivity is now down
    between the Boston and Rio De Janeiro site. What is the most likely cause of
    the problem?
    a. Mismatched LMI types. c. Mismatched encapsulation types.
    b. Incorrect DLCI. d. Incorrect IP address mapping.

    You work as a network technician at XyzCorp. You have subnetted the network with a /28 mask. Your boss asks you how many usable sub
    networks and usable host addresses per subnet this will provide. What should
    you tell her?
    a. 62 networks and 2 hosts c. 16 networks and 16 hosts
    b. 6 networks and 30 hosts d. 14 networks and 14 hosts

    You work as a network technician at XyzCorp. You have subnetted the network with a /26 mask. Your boss asks you how many usable sub
    networks and usable host addresses per subnet this will provide. What should
    you tell her?
    a. 64 networks and 4 hosts c. 2 networks and 62 hosts
    b. 4 networks and 64 hosts d. 62 networks and 2 hosts

    Your XyzCorp trainee Fernando is studying the spanning three algorithm. He
    asks you how the spanning-tree path cost is determined by default. What
    should you tell him?
    a. Total hop count. c. Dynamically determined based on load.
    b. Sum of the costs based on bandwidth. d. Individual link cost based on

    You work as a network technician at XyzCorp. You are required to establish
    a Telnet session with a Cisco router. Which commands should you use?
    a. XyzCorp1(config)# line console 0
    b. XyzCorp1(config)# line console 0

    CE. XyzCorp1(config)# line vty 0
    c. You work as a network technician at XyzCorp. You are required to
    establish a Telnet session with a Cisco router. Which commands should you
    d. XyzCorp1(config)# line vty 0

    You work as a network consultant. You are planning a network installation
    for a large organization named XyzCorp. The design requires 100 separate sub
    networks, so XyzCorp has acquired a Class B network address. What subnet
    mask will provide the 100 sub networks required, if 500 usable host
    addresses are required per subnet?
    a. c.
    b. d.

    What feature of a networks switch allows an administrative to create
    separate broadcast domains?
    a. Store-and-forward switching
    b. Transparent bridging

    C Fragment-free switching
    c. What feature of a networks switch allows an administrative to create
    separate broadcast domains?
    d. Virtual LANs

    New switches have been purchased for a network upgrade. The objective for
    the network design emphasizes efficient, error-free transport instead of
    fast transport. Which switching mode should be configured on the new
    switches to provide error-free transport to the network?
    a. cut-through c. frame-filtering
    b. fragment-free d. store-and-forward

    A technician at XyzCorp needs to update the network documentation. One of
    the tasks includes documenting the name of the IOS image file of each router
    in the network. Which commands could be used to find this information?
    a. Router# show protocols c. Router# show image
    b. Router# show version d. Router# show IOS

    Which statement describes the rule of split horizon?
    a. Only routers can split boundaries (horizons) between concentric networks.
    b. All distance vector protocols require fall back routers that may cause
    momentary loops as the topology changes.
    c. Networks can only remain fully converged if all information about routers
    is sent out all active interfaces.
    d. Information about a route should not be sent back in the direction from
    which the original update come.

    A user types the command ping during a router console
    session. What does this command use to test connectivity between the two
    a. ICMP echo request
    b. Information request
    c. Timestamp reply
    d. Redirect
    e. Source quench

    An administrator must assign static IP addresses to the servers in the
    network. For network the router is assigned the first
    usable host address while the sales server is given the last usable host
    address. Which of the following should be entered into the IP properties box
    for the sales server?
    a. IP address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway:
    b. IP address: Subnet Mask Default Gateway:
    c. IP address: Subnet Mask Default Gateway:
    d. IP address: Subnet Mask Default Gateway:

    Which of the following options is NOT negotiated using LCP during the PPP
    link establishment?
    a. callback c. CHAP
    b. IPCP d. multilink

    Your XyzCorp trainee Bob asks you what 11111000 binary is in decimal. What
    should you tell him?
    a. 5 c. 224
    b. 192 d. 248

    You are working as network administrator/technician at XyzCorp Inc. While
    troubleshooting a network connectivity problem, you observe steady link
    lights on both the workstation NIC and the switch port to which the
    workstation is connected. However, when the ping command is issued from the
    workstation, the output message "Request timed out" is displayed. At which
    layer of the OSI model does the problem most likely exist?
    a. The session layer c. The data link layer
    b. The protocol layer d. The network layer
    Pablo, May 24, 2005
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  2. Statistically speaking, "B" is usually the correct answer. But if you want
    to be sure you should probably study the course materials until you are
    confident you can correctly answer the questions.

    Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User]
    * PLEASE post all messages and replies in the newsgroups
    * for the benefit of all. Private mail is usually not replied to.
    * My website, such as it is ...
    * HELP us help YOU ...
    Richard G. Harper, May 25, 2005
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