Need a server for your network ? Don't mind noisy ? Got a pc to swap ?

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Alan, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Alan

    Alan Guest

    IBM xSeries 240 - swap for quiet PC
    IBM xSeries 240.
    2xPIII 1GHz
    2*18GB SCSI (10Krpm)
    2*36GB SCSI (10Krpm)

    Triple power supplies etc.

    Spare RAID controller (working but removed to simplify configuration).

    384MB RAM

    Three other 36GB SCSI but these aren't tested.

    Accepted it from a local company as payment for sorting out their new
    server. Thought it would be great to have a proper server around the place
    but it's far too loud and noisy.

    Don't want to sell for cash, much rather swap for the best PC I'm offered to
    use to build a media server for my living room. Would also accept a
    media-capable laptop/notebook or a fairly recent PDA. Being a gadget feak
    got me this box, tempt me with something to part with it.

    You'll have to collect it from Hampshire (UK) unless you're local I'll load
    in the back of the Landie. Delivery withing 20 miles of Eastleigh costs a
    cup of tea, any further is open to negotiation.

    If you're collecting it can be seen running Win Server 2003, but before
    being handed over I'll wipe it and, if you like, install Red Hat or some

    Can send pictures if requested but it's just a big black box.

    Sort of sorry to see it go as I've had lots of fun playing with it but those
    of you familiar with these sort of boxes will appreciate they can be
    difficult housemates. (feels like rehoming one of the dogs now).

    Oh and if anybody's interested I also have a spare Fairey overdrive and
    gearbox for a Series III Land Rover - looking to swap it for a dog guard and
    stereo for same vehicle.

    All the best,
    Alan, Apr 8, 2005
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