[multicast routing] smcroute problem

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Woj, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Woj

    Woj Guest


    I'm trying to set multicast routing on linux box running slackware (kernel
    2.4.26). After research i found smscroute - exactly what I was looking for
    - small program to put static multicast routes to kernel.

    Basically what I need is to make some traffic multiplication on LAN
    interfaces (802.1q logical interfaces) to send some multicast video stream
    to them.
    The smscroute worked excellent on my test systems:
    - slackware
    - debian unstable
    When I put some multicast packets on eth0, I could multiplicate this packets
    on eth1.2 eth1.3... interfaces by typing:

    smcroute -d
    smcroute -a eth0 eth1.2 eth1.3...

    after doing tcpdump -ni eth1.2 I could see multicast packets.

    But it there are same problems on target box (slackware server with 2 intel
    e1000 cards). The test systems and target system have:
    - the same kernel (2.4.26)
    - the same smcroute binary
    - they also have the same number of logical interfaces
    - even the same aliases...
    - only difference is NIC chipset -
    on test systems: 8139too, on target system: e1000

    On target system smcroute daemon is running, there are no errors in syslog.

    cat /proc/net/ip_mr_cache
    cat /proc/net/ip_mr_vif

    shows, that packets are forwarded. But I can't see them via tcpdump.

    I don't have aby idea where is the problem. This is driving me nuts, so
    please, HELP!

    I can't change target server, because it is working correct on its main
    function - NAT for clients. It is MSI server Pentium4 CPU 2.40GHz.

    I found in google, that somebody had similar problem, here is the link:
    but the solution with MTU not working (the MTU are the same on all

    thanks for ANY help

    Woj, Oct 24, 2004
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